Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Onions On The Patio

The onions have been pulled.  The red onions didn't perform very well at all.  The yellow onions vary in size.  Not bad though for my first year growing onions.  They are out on the patio drying.


  1. You'll enjoy the onions -- are you going to braid and hang?

  2. To me, a beautiful sight! Congratulations on your first year crop.

  3. Looks like they did very well. I was wondering the same thing Martha was about braiding them.

  4. Neat ! I am always amazed at people growing useful veggies in their gardens unlike me who grows nothing useful in my garden. Just aesthetic flowers...and weeds, thanks ! Gina

  5. Drying? We have to dry them?

  6. I, too, am growing onions for the first time. I have no idea how to tell when they are ready. How did you know?

  7. Wow they look great! I too have onions but they are far from maturity here in zone 5a. I do pull them and eat them like a green onion in my salads though and they are delicious. This also thins them out a bit and I get to enjoy them all season.

  8. My onions need to be pulled probably, just haven't gotten there. I wish they grew as big as they do in Georgia!! Mine are usually on the smallish side--and HOOOOOTTT!! Not enough moisture--but I grow them, just because they are the first thing I can plant, and by golly, by March I am READY to plant SOMETHING!! Hope you get some cukes soon to eat with them!

  9. They look great. We'll probably pull our onions in the next couple weeks.

  10. I am envious - they look delicious!

  11. Your onions look lovely, I always struggle to grow decent size ones, whereas annoyingly, my brother always grows monsters!

  12. Not bad at all. I've been 'growing' onions for years and years and never gotten more than like two bulbs. Awesome! What is your secret?

  13. They look great. Maybe one day I will plant thing at a time. :)

  14. ~Martha
    I'm not planning to braid them. The small ones will get chopped right away and put in the freezer and the others given a little storage space in the basement to use this summer. My mom ties her's up with twine and hangs them.

    Thanks. They do look good.

    Onions are easy and so are weeds. I grow those too!

    See this link:
    It gives a good how to. They need dried to store well. You'll probably eat your onion crop fast enough, you won't need to dry them for long term storage.

    ~Cherry Lane
    See this link too:
    When the tops start falling over, you have one to two more weeks before you should harvest them preferably when it's dry.

    I did onion sets so we didn't have the green onions but maybe next year. I like them with salad too.

    I'm with you on getting to plant in March. I hadn't thought about cukes and onions yet with milk, vinegar, black pepper and sugar at our house. My mom always has that in the refrigerator. My cukes are just blooming.

    Hope you have a good harvest.


    ~The Cottage Garden Farmer
    It's always something like that with brothers, isn't it?

    The only thing I noticed between the large ones and the small ones is that I think I planted the small ones too deep. Maybe. I'm not sure.

    Onions are easy to tuck in here and there. They just need loose soil.


  15. Thanks for the onion info - looks like my red onions aren't ready yet. But then they were seed starts, a real experiment. And thanks for visiting!

  16. ~Cherry Lane
    I hope they keep growing for you so you get nice onions.


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