Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Spindly Bunch

Dame's Rocket is beautiful in the spring.  Such pretty clusters of purple flowers like lilacs.  Mine reseed easily.  However, after the blooms are gone, they look like this.

Most of the dame's rocket in my garden are mixed in with other plants so the spindlyness isn't as obvious but this patch around one of the clothes line poles has only dame's rocket. 

I'm letting the seeds form.  Each little spine contains seeds.  The house finches like to eat them right off the stalk.  I know it's time to cut down the dame's rocket when I find the house finches feasting.  I just cut them off at the ground and lay the stalks down where I want dame's rocket to grow again.


  1. I've never had these flowers before but they are delightful and a treat for the birds too!

  2. Dames Rocket won't grow in my garden so I never knew they looked like this.

  3. Another new one to me! I'll have to scroll back in your posts to see what they look like blooming!

  4. I agree with you completely about enjoying Dames rocket, but my husband is less enthusiastic...which is neither here nor there, I guess.

    Have you ever tried cutting down the stalks and seedheads before they completely dry to see if they will mature and dry in a less dilapidated looking manner? (I haven't, but I've been toying with trying it this year. Hmmm, maybe if I lay down some green stalks with seedheads in an area that has no Dames rocket, so that I can tell if the seeds "take"....)

    Anyway, I'm really enjoying your blog!

  5. ~Mildred

    I should have put a link to what the dame's rockets look like blooming!!!

    In the May Tour:
    Almost all the purple blooms are dame's rockets. Especially in the side yard (there are some purple and white irises there too).

    They are also in the back ground of a photo on this post:

    ~Gaia Gardener
    I might try that trick although, I have dame's rocket in so many spots, it might be hard to tell if it worked as some seeds are always blown around or carried by something.


  6. I've tried these before with no luck. I didn't know the finches would eat them. I do something similar with Columbines and Foxgloves and just lay them where I hope they'll come up the next year.


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