Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spread My Roots And Bloom

Planted behind the bird bath from my husband's paternal grandmother with a sunflower sculpture my uncle made from scrap iron and spark plugs (those are the petals), is Oenothera speciosus 'Rosea,' Showy Pink Evening Primrose. 

The write up about it in the catalog said, "A heat loving plant that thrives in sunny, dry areas along baking south and west facing walls and pavement areas.  Spreading rapidly on shallow roots, give this beauty plenty of room to grow or it will overrun smaller, less vigorous plants." 

The catalog was right.  It spreads.  Not really a problem where I have it because it is growing along our neighbor's fence which has a concrete base.  The other plants in the area are hollies, a mugo pine, a forsythia, and the tall salvia from our amazing gardening neighbor.  However, it is now creeping in to the path along its bed and trying to encircle some mums I transplanted this spring.

It has shallow roots.  When it shows up someplace I don't want it, I pull it out.

It's just starting it's big showy bloom, but will bloom some all summer.


  1. Your bird bath and sunflower sculpture are lovely among the "sea of pink" flowers. We have the pink evening primrose planted along the right of way in front of our house. Here in GA, it had its big show about 3 weeks ago. To have such delicate little petals, it is an amazing plant growing where little else survives. Thank you for the tour of your yard. I bet you have lots of butterflies later on!

  2. This is a wildflower in Mississippi growing in the harshest conditions along roadsides. it sprouted once in my flower bed when we lived there and formed a huge lush drift of pink and everyone wanted to know what it was not realizing it was a wildflower seen everywhere.

  3. It's bloom resembles a cosmo?? Very pretty!

  4. Very lovely and a memorable spot in the garden for you!

    Art by Karena

  5. They grow wild our here or they reseed them selves fast and drought tolerent. Nice bird bath also. Thanks for sharing... Julian

  6. ~Mildred
    I'm already seeing butterflies. I try to lure them to the yard.

    Funny how wildflowers become so 'important' when they're in your garden.

    They do somewhat but are much shorter.

    Thanks for visiting.

    ~Tallulah's Antique Closet
    Glad you like the birdbath. I think the one you featured this week is beautiful.



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