Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vegetable Garden Happenings

The vegetables are doing fine at Garden on Sherlock Street.

I'm trying to squeeze more cuttings out of the lettuce by putting ice cubes around the plants once or twice on hot days to keep the soil temperature down.  I read about this trick at digginfood where Willi had a post on germinating lettuce during the heat of summer.  If it helps with the germination, maybe it can help to keep the lettuce from bolting.  I figured it is worth a try.

Last weekend, I was filling my aqua cone bottles and I noticed something strange.  If you aren't familiar with my aqua cone bottles, please read this post:  Deep Watering.
After everthing is assembled, it's a relatively closed system.  Only water should be getting in and out.  Imagine my surprise when I filled the bottle by my yellow squash plant...

...and found this inside.

A June bug dog paddling.
What?  How?  Why?
The only way that large June bug could have gotten into the aqua cone bottle is to have burrowed under the edge of the hose pushing its way up the outside of the bottle (under the hose) and going over the rim into the bottle.  There are no holes in the hose.  I removed the aqua cone from the bottle and knocked the June bug out.  After all, I'm trying to keep debris out of the aqua cone with the hose.

Here are my trusty water filled jugs.

"All right men, you've done well this spring protecting tender transplants from strong winds and moderating overnight temperatures with the warmth you collected during the day.  Now, except for a few of you still on duty around the new chocolate colored cherry tomato, your work here is done.  Please water something edible as you make your way to the recycling bin.  Thank you."

I've added some straw mulch around most of the plants for the summer.  I need to get some more straw to finish out areas as I pull onions, kohlrabis, etc.

We are also picking organic peas!


  1. That's a mystery about the June bug. Everything looks good, I'll keep the ice cube method in mind, who knew?

  2. Odd on the June beetle. Your vegetable bed looks great. I use straw as mulch too and love it.

  3. The ice cube idea will be worth a try. We're expected to hit the 100's next week. I'll be pulling out every trick I know to keep planting and moving forward. Now, I at least have a trick. HA!

  4. Your vegetable garden looks really good! We are finally supposed to get some heat here this weekend, my poor tomato plants are just barely inching along. The peas look so good, I love them fresh picked. My daughters like to snack on them while they play outside.

  5. ~Dawn
    I hope icing the lettuce helps. It's totally an experiment but it is keeping the soil cooler around the lettuce (cooler to the touch, I so need to buy a soil thermometer). If you try it, let me know what happens for you!

  6. ~tina
    I like the straw because I can just till it under in the fall and let it "feed" the soil too.

    I snack on peas in the garden too. I learned that from my dad when I was just a sprout!


  7. I used an old meat thermometer earlier this spring to check the soil temp--seemed to work fine--and might save you a few bucks!

  8. All of your veggies are looking good. I like the idea of the deep watering system and will check out your post link. That was one busy june bug...

  9. ~Amy
    I can't imagine what the June bug was thinking he was accomplishing.

  10. ~princessdiva
    I have wondered if that would work. It is just a thermometer after all.


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