Wednesday, July 14, 2010

34 Minutes

I posted recently about the containers at Garden on Sherlock Street.  A number of you were concerned about how much time it takes me to water all of them.  So, I waited for a sunny, dry, windy, hot day to time myself.  I knew after a day as described, all the containers would be ready for a drink.

That day was Tuesday.

This is what Tuesday looked like at Garden on Sherlock Street:

When I got home from work (5:15 pm ish), this is what the thermometer on the patio read:

Hot!  I went back in the house and made supper. 

After eating supper, changing clothes and starting laundry, I went out to the garden to hunt squash bugs, harvest some carrots and tomatoes, dead head a few flowers and ready the watering process.  It was still around 100 degrees, but that's when I had time to take care of the garden.  Personally, I don't mind heat too much.

I set a bucket and a watering can (with no sprinkler head) by the rain barrels and noted the time.


I watered all the containers listed in the last review; minus the dead impatiens in the long clay container; minus the cacti collection; plus the new geranium cuttings; plus two sweet potato vine cuttings I've started in the ground in the front yard; plus the hostas; plus my birthday mums which are in two places in the garden (story about them closer to my birthday); plus the clematis; plus some lady in red salvia in the ground; plus the four birdbaths; plus twelve aqua cones by vegetable plants, some basil, some carrots and one lonely kohlrabi.  I think that's everything. 


34 minutes.

See, it doesn't take very long.  Now that the plants are established in the containers, I pretty much give them a quick drowning and move on.  Simply because of experience with my containers, I know how much water to pour in each one.  The water soaks in, a little extra seeps out, the plants feel refreshed.

I haul a bucket of water to containers while the watering can fills.  Switch and repeat.  It keeps me moving.
When the water in the rain barrel I'm using is getting low, it comes out really slow.  I stand in the shade and survey the garden while waiting for a full water container.

When the water in the rain barrel is almost full, it comes out really fast.  I also stand in the shade and survey the garden just not as long.  Then, I hang up the hose because I won't let a bucket fill unsupervised when it flows very fast.  It will run over while I'm off watering.  It has happened.

This is what the thermometor read when I went back inside:

My photo is a little blurry.  Maybe that's because of the heat.  Or, maybe that's because the photographer had been in the heat too long.

Wednesday is suppose to be more of the same. 

Wednesday night we have a 50% chance of thunderstorms (hopefully with rain) and then cooler (90 degrees) on Thursday.

Keep your fingers crossed for Garden on Sherlock Street.


  1. I enjoyed this post very much....boy was it windy in your neck of the woods!

  2. A little work always goes into a garden -- but watering and watering LOTS of pot plants are two different types of "work" -- we love the color of the annuals and don't begrudge them the time -- but I insist on non-fussy ones -- which are a bit easier to care for.

    Our temps have not been bad but the heat index has -- you open the door and it's like an oven!

  3. What a clever post! I had fun here today. You are QUITE efficient! We didn't get our rain went south of us.

  4. Nope, not too bad at all. Watering is kind of pleasant for me if only my water was free.

  5. That is way HOT! For the UK anyway. I never water with the sprinkler on the can unless I'm watering seedlings or something delicate.

  6. We hit 100 yesterday, as well. First triple digit day of the season. I don't have nearly as many potted plants, but my watering probably takes as long, since I have to hydrate myself, as well. HA!

  7. My goodness! I was sweating just sitting here! Good job!
    I hope today is better for you, today is a bit cooler for us with rain.

  8. Good post and a really good look at your rain barrel setup.

    34 minutes is quite a while to spend watering. I do mine twice a day and it takes less than five minutes but I don't have many pots.

    IN the 90's here today and supposed to stay that way with lots of humidity to make us feel even better. You have us beat by almost ten degrees.

  9. Watering is my favorite gardening task-and I may water several times a week for an hour or so, while picking a weed here or there--it's my time away from everyone and everything--just enjoying life!! It doesn't seem like work at all!

  10. ~Darla
    We get more wind than not it seems. The wind is what dries out my plants, not the heat.

    The heat index will get you. Our low overnight was 77 degrees. That was the low!

    It looks like our chance of rain went south of us too. :-(

    That's why I use the rain barrels as much as possible.

    Same here on the sprinkler. I'm way past needing that for the season.

    Gotta water the gardener too.

    Today was possibly hotter. And, our rain seems to be missing us. Sigh. At least tomorrow should be cooler.

    I don't have to water all of that everyday. I did tonight again though because it was another scorcher. Please rain!!

    I agree. Some nights I just have to fit it in with other activities but most of the time, I'm surveying the plants to see how everyone's doing and checking for bug and weeds. It's good thinking time too.

  11. 34 minutes is good; I have worked out that on a good day I spend 45 minutes, but if I do the job properly it's over an hour in total!


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