Saturday, July 17, 2010

5' 8"

The sunflowers that were so cute when I first posted about them, and ridiculously big when I last posted about them, are now 5' 8" tall. I say this because I'm 5' 8" tall and as you can see a couple of them are as tall as me. The ones on the left, are growing next to the pile in the wild area. The ones on the right are growing in a crack in the concrete. How are they possibly getting enough nutrients to grow that well? They are more interesting looking than a slab of concrete. Crazy sunflowers.


  1. What a cute photo!! You just wonder how they are getting the nutrients they need. Makes you wonder if we don't overdo it with some of our plants at times. Waiting with you to see them bloom!

  2. I bet all of them are going to look beautiful once they start to bloom. Do you collect the seed or let the birds eat the seeds after the bloom has spent. Thanks for stopping by........Julian

  3. What an nteresting way to show the growth of these determined plants :)

  4. Love the sunflowers -- we have them too -- here and there -- the result of the seeds that the birds didn't east last winter/spring! Not as grand as yours -- these that are leftover from the birds.

  5. It always amuses me how some plants grow so well in the crack of a driveway and then the ones I pamper, don't do well at all!

  6. I get a kick out of sunflowers too getting this giant. You are right on the money when you say they are more interesting than concrete!
    Mine are only a foot high!

  7. ~Darla
    I think you're right. I mostly just fertilze pots now as they leech out faster. I'll post the blooms.

    It's what gardening is all about.

    ~Tallulah's Antique Closet
    These are wild sunflowers not the kind people eat. So, it's all for the birds and for reseeding.

    It works!

    I get those bird leftovers right under the feeder where I have to pull them out. These are getting to grow.

    It's as if they want to taunt us, isn't it?

    Once it got hot here, the sunflowers took off.


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