Thursday, July 15, 2010

Along The House In The Side Yard

Since we have a level in our home that is half sunken into the ground, we have windows just above the soil.  I try not to plant anything by the house that will block the windows.

In the side yard, I needed drought resistant plants which would fill in nicely along a path.  In the foreground, hens and chicks.  In the background, lamb's ears. 

First, the hens and chicks.

They are filling in very well.

I never water them.  I usually give some away in the spring.  I got the first ones from my mom.  Occasionally, a 'bloom' will come up from the middle of a hen.  That's its last hurrah.  I put some rocks in this bed because I like how the hens and chicks grow around the rocks.

Now, the lamb's ears.

They are filling in very well too.

They're on the end of their bloom.

I never water them.  They tend to get a little tall and flop into the path.  I'll dead head them soon.  Seeds do travel to the other side of the path.  I usually have to pull out some each year.  I love the soft velvety leaves.

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  1. One day my hens and chicks will look like yours, maybe!

  2. I have both and love them. So easy and carefree.

  3. I echo Darla for sure. My mail lady gave me a whole bag and I planted them in the garden where they mostly all perished. The few left now reside in hypertufa and do well. This is a great use of them in your garden.

  4. My hen had a chick!! Hurray, Hurray!! I planted different sedum around my pitcher pump water feature last year--and I truly had only ONE hen. . and now there are 3!! Have you seen the cobweb ones?? I got one of those 1/2 off end of year sale and they are COOL looking!

  5. I love both of these plants. Your Hens and Chicks look so nice, mine are a bit sparse looking. Lamb's Ears is such a great plant too, my little one calls them "Sheep's ears"

  6. ~Darla
    They'll keep "hatching."

    Yes they are.

    The only advice I give with hens and chicks is don't water them. Really. Or, plant them in sand so they drain well. That's probably why they like your hypertufa.

    Yea!!!! I have seen the cobweb ones. They are cool. I need to find more places to tuck some in.

    "Sheep's ears" works too. Very cute.

  7. The first time I remember seeing Hen n Chicks I was with my Grandma, I was probably 9. Any plant my Grandma introduced me to I love to this day. Hen n Chicks are such a great plant and yours are looking good!


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