Friday, July 30, 2010


This is our patio spider.  Every night he weaves a web between the middle patio pillar and the south hanging basket.  He's not terribly big yet, but will likely grow as the summer continues.  I don't know what he caught for breakfast the other day but he sure did wrap it up well.  When I get home from work, his web is completely gone but he puts up a new one every night.


  1. Interesting creatures aren't they? Wouldn't won't to rebuild my web every night..

  2. I know how he feels. Buying an old house means that I always seem to be rebuilding some part or another!

  3. Dear Sherlock Street, I really had to steel myself to look at this posting as I do not like spiders. I must confess to hoovering them up when they are inside the house!

  4. Loved the comment from the idiot gardener. I know exactly how it is with an old house. On the other hand, spiders never have an old house.

  5. I have been bitten by spiders on a number of occasions and so I am nervous of close encounters of the arachnid variety. Still Charlotte's web is one of my favorite children's books.
    I like your hummingbird feeders. Have you tried growing Bee Balm. They go mad for it in my garden.

  6. I have learned to live in peace with spiders outside but when it comes to my house, out they go. Or should I in flushing the toilet.

  7. ~Darla
    Seems like a lot of work.

    Surely, you're not rebuilding because your supper comes crashing through every day.

    I feel spiders inside our house have made a poor choice and are eradicated. I also move any spiders who choose to make their webs where we will walk. I had an early morning incident once with a spider on our front porch. It wasn't good for either of us.

    Spiders who leave their house up more than a day usually have a pretty sad looking place.

    Some spiders get a quick death in our yard--black widows for sure.
    These are safe to us.
    I have thought of growing bee balm. It's on my ever expanding list of flowers I want.

    That's where I am too.


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