Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Morning

I have self seeding morning glories growing in the wild area where they climb up the sunflowers and tangle with the gourds.
I also have self seeding morning glories growing on a trellis that leans on our fence next to the rain barrels.
Purple morning glories
This trellis will be covered with purple morning glories soon.

Before they open, they look like pin wheels.  This morning glory has climbed to the top of a sunflower.

They are white deep in the center.
When I took this photo, the sun was shining through the blooms from the side.  It made the morning glories glow!


  1. I love morning glories and haven planted any in a while -- I may have to do that next spring! They are a pretty addition to the garden!

  2. How beautiful!
    I am planning my fall planting.
    I need so many more plants!
    I guess we all say that, don't we?

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  3. I have Grandpa Ott too. Unfortunately he has found his way onto one of my clematis and that's a no-no:)

  4. Grandpa Ott is my favorite morning glory too!! I had some on the north side of my trellis that we recently took down and "rezoned." I found a few very small plants coming up along side where they had been--I left them, thinking maybe they would bloom before frost:-)

  5. They look lovely and all for no cost.

  6. I love this purple shade of morning glory you have twining around your garden.
    We have the same rainbarrel. :) Do you like yours?

  7. ~Martha
    These plant themselves which is very nice.

    Oh yes! There is always room for more plants.

    I had lost its name. Thank you. I planted these years ago and they just come back. There is still time for yours to bloom.

    Free is fine isn't it?

    Love the rain barrels. They've been great. I started with one and just kept adding on.

  8. AH jealous! So beautiful! But still jealous! I've not been able to get them to grow for me here.

  9. These are stunning - i want to plant them all over next year, especially the pinwheels - You have a lovely garden.


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