Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hibiscus Blooming

Well, now it is blooming!!

Even the bees are happy that it's blooming.  Just look at all that pollen.


  1. That is such a striking color combination. Enjoy your day!

  2. Very nice capture~it makes my heart sing to see bees visiting our flowers!

  3. I love the colors. Don't have a single hibiscus in my garden. I think I'm missing out on something nice.

  4. Can I borrow some of your bees? At least that way I might get my beans pollinated next year!

  5. Dear Sherlock Street, Your Hibiscus is a delight. I do like that particular shade of magenta-pink which gives a certain frisson to the border.

  6. Love hibiscus. And what a pretty color too.

  7. Love the photos - Hibiscus are such beautiful blooms and its great to see the bees so happy!

  8. Fantastic sherbet color! Very tropical looking.
    I am happy for you!

  9. ~Mildred
    Thank you. It stands out among the darker colors in my garden at this time.

    Thanks. I had to try a few times just to get him in the flower. He was busy as a bee!

    Yea, cool!

    The give a nice big show when all the standards are pluggin' along.

    If I could share them with you, I would!

    It does stand out nice. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thank you. It gets a little extra love (water).

    Thanks. I'm so glad it likes it hot!

    I always thought hibiscus was fragile but they are hardier than I thought.

    Thanks for visiting GonSS. Happy bees make happy gardeners.

    It's the most tropical looking perrenial I can grow.


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