Monday, July 26, 2010

The New Computer Is Working

The computer migration is complete.  I think.  It seems all of my photos, etc. have safely made their way to the new computer.  While I'm still figuring out the changes associated with upgrading operating systems, I think I can manage to put together blog posts once again.

Here are some things I took photos of over the past week...

The moon flower plant went into high gear.

I try to cut off most of the blooms after they finish so the plant will produce more blooms.  A few will make very prickly seed pods so I have a supply for next year in case the plant doesn't make it through the winter.

The zinnias in one of the new flower beds are putting on a multi-colored show.

I spotted a butterfly under one of the zinnias.  I grabbed the camera to get a photo of it and discovered that it was under the bloom because it had been captured by a white spider.

It's a dog eat dog world.  Or, in this case, a spider eat butterfly world.

Tuesday evening, I posted a rain gauge report.  We had a downpour and I got photos of it from under the patio cover!

See the water pour into the rain barrels?

The Russian Sage in the front yard is loving the 100 plus degree weather we've been having.  It's covered with blooms.

The flower tower between the garage doors is really getting the whimsical look I was hoping for as the purple hyacinth bean plant twines its way around everything.  Sometimes, when I'm walking in or out of the garage, it reaches out and tries to twine around me!

The tomatoes, peppers and cantaloupe in this raised vegetable bed are doing well.  I'm harvesting tomatoes every evening (even got some in the rain Tuesday evening--not during the downpour, but after it let up.)  There is basil in there too.  I'll be making tomato sauce soon.  I've liquefied some tomatoes and put the juice in the freezer for chili this winter.  You can see what I've "put up" by going to a page in the right hand column.

Here are the snake gourds in one of the new flower beds.  They creep out of the bed and I tuck them back in.  They also wave their vines in the air as if they're saying, "Here I am."

We enjoyed cooler temperatures over the weekend.  Hope your weekend was good.


  1. Dear Sherlock Street, What an exuberance of flowers and vegetables your garden contains at present. Everything looks so lush, possibly as the result of the abundance of rain which you regularly report. The 'snake' gourds seem well named as they do appear to be straining to escape from their allocated space and cover the entire garden. You must feel very pleased that your hard work in the garden has really brought results!!

  2. Your moon flower plant, isn't that a datura? Everything looks lush and happy around your garden. We received a nice rainfall yesterday ourselves. Sure does refresh things doesn't it?

  3. The weekend was hot but somewhat salvaged by hours at the lake on Saturday...

    Glad you made the computer conversion successfully. It was good to see your plants and garden looking SO healthy and productive!

  4. Your garden is looking very lovely -- I've never tried the hyacinth bean but perhaps next year I should!

  5. The Russian sage looks great. I've had mixed results with it in the past. I'm hoping we get rain today. It rained all around us yesterday. :(

  6. Your plants look very healthy and lush. I love how the flower tower turned out. Seems like you have been getting quite a bit of rain. Glad your computer/photos are in working order. :)

  7. We had a lovely Sunday, weather was so much cooler than last week.

    Like Phillip said, I have mixed results with Russian sage. Love the moonflower.

    Glad you got your new computer up and running.

  8. Seems like you are getting a good combination of heat and rain, that must be why your garden looks so good. I love the moonflower, I don't think I've ever seen it grown around here. I think I might try it next year.
    Glad the computer migration worked!

  9. I love the scent of moonflowers!!! My mother in law grows wonderful ones. .me. .not so good!! I did find one plant coming up unexpectedly under the hollyhocks last week! I think I should change their location a little. Hope you are enjoying the computer!

  10. Poor butterfly. As you said, it's a dog eat dog world. Loving your gardens, and I'm thrilled your computer files are migrating their way over. Congrats on that.~~Dee

  11. ~Edith Hope
    Thank you for visiting. It's nice to see you've returned. I do have a few things trying to take over the garden. It's a constant vigil.

    Yes, my moon flower plant is a datura. Glad you got some rain too.

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

    The hyacinth bean is easy and fun. I've grown it in the ground and in pots.

    Rain went around us on Sunday. Hope you get some soon.

    That flower tower is one of my favorites and this year, it is really full.

    I don't do much to the Russian Sage. Cut it back in March and get out of its way!

    The moon flower is one of my plants that loves heat. I don't water it any extra either. It's a rewarding plant but can sprawl a bit.

    Moon flowers do smell nice. A bird must have given you one by your holly hocks. I had a volunteer one year before I was trying to establish them but it sprouted too late in the season to make seeds or get established well. The computer is nice. Soooo much faster than the old one.

    Thanks. I guess a spider's got to eat too.

  12. Oh, I'm glad for the rain, it's been a very hot season this year. Beautiful moon flower.


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