Friday, July 2, 2010

New Flower Beds

Here's a quick update on how the new flower beds we built this spring are doing.

In the bed by the picnic table, I planted purple hyacinth bean, snake gourd, ornamental gourd mix, nasturtium and zinnia.  While the gourds are doing well, I have only a few purple hyacinth bean plants, no nasturtiums and a couple of zinnia.  I put some straw in the bed to help hold moisture.  I think it could use a little more.

In the bed by the berm, I planted alyssum, snapdragon, sweet pea, sweet william, zinnia and a cut flower bouquet seed packet I got free from our phone company.  At this point, all I see are zinnia which are nice, but what happened to all the other seeds?  Hmmm.

Here's the first zinnia flower.


  1. just where do some seeds go?

  2. The birds!

    I love annual beds with the old fashoned flowes -- however, we don't have any at LInderhof nor do I plant annuals in the perennial beds -- I may have to change that next year -- a lot of times, they're self seeding and you have them "forever"!

  3. Maybe they were just bad/old seeds? There is way too much mulch on my beds to start seeds.

    I'm growing pink zinnias this year and I love them.

  4. That's going to fill in quite nicely. I love the edging material on the beds, as well.

  5. It's great the gourds are doing wonderfully. I think the alyssum, sweet pea and snapdragon seeds may need cold to germinate or at least cold stratification. My alyssum self seeds yearly but only on its own after being outside all year. Zinnias, now they just go and go when it is hot with no issues. They'll make a lovely stand. Have a great weekend.

  6. ~Darla
    I don't know. It's sad.

    I wondered if the birds dined in my new beds.
    I go for self seeders a lot too. I was hoping some of the ones that didn't sprout would become self seeders. I seem to have to harvest the zinnia seeds and just replant them. Thank goodness they're easy!

    They were new seeds, and since they were new beds, no mulch yet.

    The edging material is salvaged concrete from when we removed an old shed. We still have some to use too!


    I hadn't considered the cold part. More research needed I guess. The zinnias will look good. I will give them all the love I guess.

  7. This is the first year that I planted zinnias from seed, and I am really enjoying them---my corner garden needed some fast color--and it has certainly done the trick--planning on posting the pictures of that soon!! I had ordered some lime green ones, that unfortunately, had a little mishap in my greenhouse with a small rodent getting in on the warm day that I left the doors open--he liked them very much! Rats. . no pun intended!


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