Thursday, July 29, 2010

Now Serving Hummers

A retired horticultural agent in our city is an avid bird watcher.  He's a great resource on how to lure birds to the garden.  I was talking with him about hummingbirds a while back, and he said they start returning south and come through our area as early as late July.  It's possible to see them here from late July until we start to get frost.

Last Christmas I asked Santa for a new glass hummingbird feeder.  The plastic hummingbird feeders I'd been using were getting brittle from being out in the sun for a number of years.  My in-laws gave me this beautiful hummingbird feeder. 

It uses a small canning jar which has measurement marks on the side.  I fill the jar to the one cup line with water and then I add one quarter cup of sugar.  I screw the lid with the feeder tubes onto the jar and shake it good before putting it into the garden.  I have it hanging from the chain of one of my hanging baskets near the patio door so we can hopefully watch the hummingbirds from our dining table.

We don't get a lot of humming birds at Garden on Sherlock Street but it's a treat to see a couple of them each year. 


  1. We have tons of hummers...we do enjoy watching them. Love your feeder and here's hoping hummers head your way.

  2. We don't get many either being in the city but we get enough that it warrants a feeder. I saw one sipping nectar from the pink sweet pea yesterday!

  3. Good morning. I don't get a lot of hummers either. Don't have a lot of plants in my garden designed to attract them.

    Your hummingbird feeder is sure cute.

  4. Dear Sherlock Street, I do hope that your feeder attracts the hummingbirds. But, whatever, it is a very attractive addition to the garden.

  5. For almost 55 years I hadn't seen a hummingbird. I don't think it's because they weren't there. I think it's because I wasn't watching at the right time, didn't stay long enough to see 'em, and if I did I'm not sure I knew the difference between h.b. and a large, flying insect! If you have a couple a year, I'll bet you have MORE!

    What a "sweet" feeder :)

  6. We don't have humming birds, sadly. I didn't know you can lure them in with sugary water. If I put out sugary water, I get wasps, and no one wants to see them, even the sexy ones!

  7. They'll start showing up more and more once they get used to your feeder along their route. You'll have so many you might wish for a rainbarrel of sugar syrup so you don't have to mix it each day!

  8. We love the hummingbirds and it seems we have more this year than last. Enjoy them and your weekend.

  9. ~Darla
    It would be so cool to have "tons." Please share any extras!

    I didn't know they would drink from a sweet pea.

    I keep trying to add plants that they like. I've been told lady in red salvia is good and mine is just starting to bloom.

    Thank you. I like its artistic quality as well.

    I hope so!! If you get to see one, you'll understand the difference between them and say hawk moths. They just move smoother.

    I tend to get some wasps at the feeder too but not too bad. I also on occasion get ants. How an ant on the ground can know there is sugar water hanging four feet above, find the slim little pole, climb said pole and follow it out the hook, down the chain and to the feeder I'll never understand. Then, they tell all their friends.

    That's what I'm hoping. That the word will get out.

    I hope to see one soon.


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