Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Potato, Two Potato...

The great potato experiment of 2010 is turning in dismal results so far.

I planted three containers in March filling them with soil as the plants grew.

The largest container's plants died back first. I dumped that container out the other evening. It had fungus gnat larvae. I got a handful of small potoatoes. My guess is the container didn't drain well.

The other two containers still have growing plants, although they are getting spindly. I'm hoping they fair better. I'll keep you updated.


  1. I think one of the best things about gardening is the learning process!! I have never thought of myself as a scientist, but we gardeners are a lot like one--always experimenting with plants, locations, colors and on and on and on!! We just change our mistakes the next time and start a new experiment!! I believe it was David in Kansas that said something along the lines of being able to take gardening advice from someone who had killed more plants than you had! I think that's true--the more things you kill the better gardener you become in the long run--providing you learn from your mistakes :-)

  2. Your potato project sounds like my pepper saga this year. Hope you have an enjoyable day.

  3. That has to be disappointing~I read in Fine Gardening Mag about planting potatoes in black trash cans~it looked like a good project, but I never got around to it... gail

  4. What will you do differently when you try again??

    I agree with the first set of comments. Gardening is definitely a learning experience... try, try again. :-)

    And thanks for your recent visit to my place.

  5. ~princessdiva
    I agree. That's one of the things I love about reading gardening blogs. I can see so many different ideas. They may not all be possible in my zone but I always learn something.

    I had a strange pepper thing last year. I guess it transfers around.

    I think what you read about is similar to what I tried. I think I needed better drainage.

    ~Shady Gardener
    When I try again, I will make holes up the sides of the container too a bit. I saw that done in an article where they used plastic trash cans. I had these smaller tree containers and thought I'd be fine but I think they really need to drain well.
    Thanks for stopping by to check out Garden on Sherlock Street.

  6. Most of our garden has been struggling this year. Last year I had a bumper crop of beets - this year if I get enough for one meal, I will be lucky. Blossom end rot has the tomatoes off to a rocky start although I think (hope? pray?) I nipped it. The peppers are also stunted. That's the gardener's life!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog so frequently. I really appreciate it.


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