Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ordering Rain

Rain barrel #3 is empty.  I know you can see water but it is below the spout.  The tubes you see are the overflow tube (the fat one) and the connecting tube from rain barrel #2 (the skinny one). 

Rain barrel #2 is getting low!

Rain barrel #1 is still full.

Water pours into #1, overflows to #2 and then over flows to #3 before they all just overflow.  I usually use the water in reverse.  No reason.  Just a habit.  I'm still trying to gauge how long 3 full rain barrels will keep my watering covered.  It varies so much depending on the temperature; and some containers and plants get watered everyday, others occasionally.

It's a guess, but I think I'm good through the weekend.  So, even though there is a holiday with a lot of outdoor activities planned, I'm hoping for some rain.  About half an inch will fill all my barrels but I'd take a little more.  If it could rain Sunday night after all the fireworks shows are done.  People will sleep better with a nice rain on the roof after all the BBQs, ballgames, sunburns, bug bites, etc.  Plus, the fireworks show will look cool with lightening off in the distance.

I'm not asking for too much, am I?


  1. While you're at it, can you put in an order for rain for us? We would like it after the hay is all done. Thank you much!

  2. Not asking for too much at all, I say. It's not like you live in the desert, where it won't rain. It will rain in your neck of the woods, you're just asking for a specific date and time. And amount. May call for some type of sacrifice to the rain gods, but do what you have to do.

  3. Rain before fireworks is good.

  4. Not at all. We need rain here. Maybe a rain dance will help?:)

  5. I think your order went to the wrong address. Supposed to rain here late Sunday night and Monday morning:)

  6. Love those rain barrels. I only have the one, and I'm going to use it in one of the gardens. Thanks for showing us your system and for coming by my blog.~~Dee

  7. I've got one rain barrel with an overflow and both are full. They can't keep up with our rain here. Speaking of rain, it's raining here again.
    Willing to trade some of our rain for some of your sun!

  8. I'm with you on the ordering of rain!! I'm tired of dragging hoses--thinking that a nice underground sprinkler system is sounding nice!! We have awesome chances Sat and Sun both--and we are having the BBQ at our house this year--it always seems to rain when they come to my house!! An inch or three would be great by me!!

  9. ~Darla
    Lucky you! You must have chosen the overnight express shipping!

    Got it. Hope there's not a backorder on those after haying orders.

    I'm considering washing my car. Seems like it always rains after I do that. I've already washed the patio doors. Rain likes to spot them up after I've cleaned them well.

    Before fireworks is good too. Maybe early afternoon on Sunday if needed.

    Do you know the steps to the rain dance? I can freestyle one if needed. Not like the neighbors don't already think I'm odd when I'm out crawling around the landscaping now.

    ~Roses and Lilacs
    Maybe you could put 'misaddressed' on some of it and send it our way.

    Rain barrels are awesome. I hope yours stay full!

    I'm all for the barter system.

    BBQ at our house this year too. Hoping to Christen the new picnic table with its first event. Now that I think of it, we had rain the last time we hosted. Like right before everyone started to arrive. Hmmmm. We should write this down. Oh. Just did.

  10. Wouldn't it be nice if we really could order our weather? I'd order a month of sun with temps in the high 70's instead of 63 and rain like we're having again.


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