Sunday, July 4, 2010

Phases Of The Moon Flower

I was very excited in May when I found a moon flower sprouting.  Now it is a sizable plant easy to find.  And, it is forming buds!

After a few days, you can see the petals.

Then, a whole flower waiting until night to come out.

Here's the first open bloom of the year!!

They have a sweet smell.


  1. I wonder if I've ever seen these "up close and personal"????

    I love the pure white color and the idea of sweet scent is so pleasant to contemplate/imagine....

  2. Very pretty, I am so INTO white flowers ! thanks much, Gina

  3. ~Rebecca
    They are a pretty decent sized plant. The blooms open at night or if it's cloudy.

    ~Antique ART garden
    They are such a crisp white too!

  4. I've not seen one of these plants before but it looks really nice.

  5. i really think this is what i have!

  6. I was really surprised to see this plant called "Moonflower". In my part of the world (California), it's called Jimson Weed, or Loco Weed, and the plant called Moonflower is pretty much a white Morning Glory that opens at night.

    That's probably why the botanical names are important, since there's no way to confuse your Moonflower-Datura stramonium- with my Moonflower-Ipomoea alba.

  7. I planted moonflower seeds. My vines do not look like yours. Hmmm I wonder what is going on? I don't have any blooms yet either. Sheesh!
    Maybe I am just impatient.


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