Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rain Gauge Report 2010 07 07

1.10" of rain in the gauge.

Rain Barrel Status
1st rain barrel is full.
2nd rain barrel is full.
3rd rain barrel half full.

It POURED this morning as I was going to work.  Most of the rain fell in just over an hour.  Since the third rain barrel didn't fill, we're guessing that the rain came down so hard it shot across the screen of the first rain barrel and didn't all go into the rain barrels.  Bummer.  But, it's more than I had and I don't need to water for a few days.

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  1. We had a drop of rain yesterday but it didn't really amount to much.

  2. We're in need of a good rain. I keep looking at the blue sky with anger everytime I need for fetch out the hose. Mind you, I only want it to rain first thing, not when I have stuff to do!

    Why can't nature be more accommodating?

  3. ~Shayla
    I hate those teasing rains. If it's going to cloud up and everything, it shoudl go through with it.

    ~The Idiot Gardener
    I prefer it rains at night for that exact reason.

  4. Only a few days late for the rain, I see. You were hoping for the fourth, but beggars can't be choosers. Those barrels fill up quickly, don't they?


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