Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rain Gauge Report 2010 07 21

1.40" of rain in the gauge.

Rain Barrel Status
1st rain barrel is full.
2nd rain barrel is full.
3rd rain barrel is half full.

Our chance for thunderstorms yesterday evening actually gave us rain.  We didn't even have to be in a severe thunderstorm warning to get it.  Minimal wind with some lightening.  I was literally going outside to start working in the garden when the rain started.  I didn't think it would amount to much, but it kept building in our area so we had rain into the night a bit.  Yea!  The squash bugs got a reprieve last night.  I harvested tomatoes and carrots when the rain let up a bit and I only had to water a few baskets and containers that were under the patio cover.  It didn't hit 100 degrees yesterday but today might again.  And, with the rain, it will probably be muggy.  But, I'll take the rain.

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  1. No rain for us and it's very dry. Our temperatures aren't quite as high but the plants are starting to suffer and the lawns look horrible.

  2. We missed the rain you got last evening, but are due to get rain today. We harvested our sweet corn last night, and put it up in the freezer.
    I will take the rain too any day over drought. I hate drought.

  3. Lucky you! No rain for us here. I have been watering:(

  4. We received a late night thunderstorm too. Everything looked so refreshed this morning. I envy your container plants - I have never been able to grow anything in a container!!!

  5. Hello, GSS ~ I bet your plants are very happy and growing. I need to get a rain barrel. That is great to have that many rain barrels to use for the garden. I'll take the rain any day, too!

  6. ~Marnie
    I hope you get some rain soon.

    Corn waiting in the freezer is a great thing!! I hope you get some rain soon too.

    I wish rain for you too.

    A "gentle" summer thunderstorm is nice. It give the garden a good scrubbing.

    My plants were practically singing this morning. Rain is the best way to water.

  7. I've never wished for rain in summertime before. This gardening lark messes with your mind!

  8. 100 degrees! And I thought that it has been hot here!

  9. You have plenty of H2O for dry days with all those rainbarrels. They are a godsend!
    Enjoy all that rain. I am jealous. I want a thunderstorm!

  10. We're hoping for rain this weekend. Even with watering, the flowers don't respond like they do to God's water!! Hope the computer upgrade is going smoothly!

  11. We haven't had rain in several weeks now, and my irrigation system went on the fritz so my garden is just now recovering. Glad to see you got a bit of rain, but you could definitely have more. :) ~~Dee


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