Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reviewing The Containers

It is time to review the containers at Garden on Sherlock Street.  If you want to see how they've changed through the growing season, here are the links:

Angel Wing Begonia cutting doing well on front porch.

Impatiens devastated by spider mites and some small hopping bug which I could not capture to identify.  I sprayed the impatiens with soap and water which drove away the small hopping bug, but the damage had been done.  The impatiens looked so nice in my last container report.  They were right by the front door.  I moved the container to the patio by the air conditioner.  I'm always hopeful for a recovery but it isn't looking good.

There was another angel wing begonia plant in the last container review that had one leaf I was hoping to root in another pot but it has since died.

The Martha Washington geranium is blooming nicely.

The white geranium has taken the place of the impatiens container by the front door.

The hanging baskets along the front walk are blooming wave petunias.

The sweet potato vines in these containers are filling in.  I'm waiting for them to spill over the sides.

The flower tower is still looking good!

This basket of ice plant got picked on by birds.  I've taken the basket down and it is sitting on the ground.  Hopefully, it will grow now.

The recovering nasturtiums are growing.

Purple fountain grass getting plumes.

The cacti collection which my Goddaughter thinks is 'neat.'

Joining the garden containers: mother-in-law's tongue.  It's always stayed in the house but is looking a bit limp.  After seeing how well Turling's are growing I'm thinking mine needs more sun.

I moved the bucket with verbena out into the yard to get more sun.  It's putting on buds.

The asparagus fern transplants and geranium cuttings are settling in these baskets off the patio.

The bacopa is really draping well.

There are also geraniums in these baskets.  This one is blooming.

Here's a whole container of geraniums.

Sweet potato vine and vinca.

Ivy geranium with two toned blooms.

Wave petunia, bacopa and dianthus.

Another sweet potato vine.

Purple hyacinth bean vine with the self seeded four o'clocks.  The alyssum I planted couldn't compete.

Asparagus fern.

The caladiums just keep getting more beautiful.

Vibrant impatiens.

The water garden container is perfect for the fish.  We had another casualty.  There are four fish left out of the six I bought


My uncle made this snail out of a rocker arm.

The Jacob's coat starts from my neighbor are full fledged plants now.

I lost an amaryllis bulb.  We'll see how these three fare.


  1. You have been a very busy bee with all your container plants and flowers ! Most of mine are not looking as hot as last year, especially the geraniums which appear to be a bug's breakfast, lunch and dinner. thanks ! Gina

  2. I like the combo of the vinca and potato vine. Asparagus fern is one I really like and I meant to get some for a pot. My containers have slimmed down to mostly succulents and some other plants placed in the beds and the main reason: I forget to water them! Your caladiums are very pretty!

  3. My goodness, you have a lot of pots. It must take days to water all of those.

    I have all the faith that the mother-in-laws tongue will respond well to being outside. Our's never come in, although we don't have your winters. Good luck!

  4. You have some real beauties. I have never been able to grow anything in a container! The little snail is the cutest! Thank you for sharing all your pictures ~ it was like going on a garden tour with you. Enjoy the day.

  5. Wow, you must spend half your life keeping them watered:) That's the think I don't like about potted plants. I water in the morning again in the evening.

    Love the snail.

    My favorites are the bicolored geraniums. I didn't buy any this season and wish I had.

    Love your tipsy pots too!

  6. Wow you have a lot of potted plants. I love the Martha Washington geranium. Very pretty.

    PS: Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  7. What a lot of containers you have. I especially like the flower tower.

  8. It is amazing what can become a "flower pot"! I want to make a stacked flower pot thingy. I love yours!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I always enjoy your comments.
    I'm so tired of all this rain! Ugh!

  9. ~Gina
    Those bugs! They sure think a container is a buffet don't they?

    Thanks for checking out the containers. I've had that asparagus fern for years! Some years, it's really full and I divide it up to put in more pots. Other years, it just sits as it is and grows to divide the next year.

    It doesn't take all that long. It gives me a chance to check on them and is better weight lifting than dumb bells at the gym.

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the tour!

    When it's hot and windy, they all get watered but not more than once a day. Some don't need water everyday. And, it just rained a lot here so I've been good the last couple of days. I love bicolored petals too.

    My mom gave me the Martha Washington geranium. It's been a good one for me!

    The flower tower is pretty cool. It gets a lot of comments.

    I have a post on assembling the flower tower back in early May if you want to see how it works. Hope you get a break from your rain. I'd take a little more!

  10. We both like to plant in similiar containers! I love metal containers, the older the better.

    Your plants are flourishing nicely!



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