Monday, July 19, 2010

Technologically Inconvenienced

It is hot, hot, hot at Garden on Sherlock Street.

The current evening ritual is:
hunt squash bugs
drink water
dead head flowers
drink water
harvest produce
drink water
water plants
drink water
fill bird baths
drink water
feed fish
drink water
return to air conditioned home

Weeding and mowing aren't necessary when it doesn't rain. Although, I still find a few tough weeds to pull.
My wonderful husband is setting up a NEW computer for me. We've milked everything possible out of the old computer we bought years ago and upgraded a couple of times.

During the transition from one computer to another, my posts may be sporadic. Maybe non-existent. I'll still be taking photos. I just don't know when I'll get them loaded on the NEW computer to put on my blog. My WH only has a little time to work on it each day and I have a lot of files and programs to transfer. In addition to this garden blogging addiction, I seem to be the family photographer at gatherings. I process a lot of photos and make them available for family and friends to print or whatever. I'm also developing a photography hobby. See why I needed a new computer?

I'll visit other gardens during this time. Please have some ice tea or lemonade available for my visit.

Did I mention it's hot?

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  1. I don't have a new computer to blame for not posting - but I do have the heat. I'm doing the bare necessities in the yard, but then I'm too pooped in the evenings to craft a blog post. Feel free to stop by my languishing garden (blog), but you may have to supply your own lemonade - I'm pretty sure I drank all of mine!

    Enjoy the new computer - lots of space for all your photos!

  2. I just got back in from weeding the garden with a hoe. I also watered it with my own sweat. Gatoraid to the rescue.

  3. Yes it's HOT here too!!! Poor flowers are hurting! Thanks so much for your well wishes on my blog for our soldier boy!

  4. You might want to add 'drink some gatorade' in that evening ritual. Don't let your electrolytes get out of whack. Congrats on the new computer!

  5. I can imagine that you're looking forward to your new computer.... (Warning: be prepared for a few days of adjustment! Even my keyboard feels different and requires a different "touch" to function.)

    It is hot here, too. I am blaming most all of my aggravations on the heat :) and they are many!

  6. Aye, Sherlock, I feel your pain. Low 100's since Friday, although today I awoke to fog. I'm hoping we'll get back to our normal 90's.

    Good luck with the new computer. We have a Mac for what it's worth, and it's great for a computer moron such as myself.

    I left a Guinness by the gate for when you stop by.

  7. And I though it was hot here at 90 degrees. You are a tougher person than I am. At 100 degrees I would not be outside for any reason.

  8. Oh my goodness, that heat would have killed me today.

  9. Yeah!!! Enjoy your new computer set up. And the photography hobby is a good one to have. It is not cheap though. :)

  10. ~Cherry Lane
    I checked out your garden (brought my own water) and it looks nice.

    I saw where you said you'd been away from the garden. I'm sure the weeds kept themselves to a minimum while you were gone, right?

    ~Marsha's Mpressions
    It's hot all over. Glad he's home.

    We have Gatorade too.

    It does feel different and things look odd. Always something new.

    Thanks for the beverage. We got a Dell. If my computer tech husband had the time, I think he'd make us a Linux network. (Sorry, did my computer geekiness show.) I need way more pretty in my applications than that allows. We actually cooled down this evening and it rained. Too dark to see how much at this time.

    We got a break this evening, and rain!

    It about did me in yesterday.

    I keep an eye out for those print a zillion photos for 10 cent deals to help. And, I'm a basicish scrapbooker so I don't get too carried away.

  11. Last year we had the hottest day ever recorded here and it still wasn't as hot as it's getting there. Good thing you are drinking lots of water. We're still just barely getting out of the 60's many days around here, at least the sun is out though.
    Good luck with the new computer.


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