Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bulb Wish List

We've gotten a break from the 100 plus degree days and I've starting thinking about fall.  Not completely, as I have much to enjoy still in the summer garden, but just enough to start thinking about planting bulbs.  I did well this past spring making a list of flowering bulbs I needed to replenish or replace.  Plus, I've added a few new bulbs to my list. 

I want to move my siberian squill from the front yard to the back yard.  It truely is a blue flower (so often, catalogs say blue but the flowers are really purple).  My front yard has purple, yellow and white flowers.  I try to keep the white flowers around the front walk and front porch to brighten the entry.  The blue siberian squill doesn't fit into my color scheme so I marked where they are and plan to move them this fall.

I have plastic forks stuck in various places marking where I need to add daffodils.  I like an even distribution of daffodils in front along the driveway if I can manage it so I need to fill in a few gaps.

I want more crocus in front along the walkway and in back along the patio.  They bloom first.  I want to see the crocus flowers easily next spring as soon as they appear.

I need to replace my giant allium bulbs.  I had only a couple of small globes this year and since they are planted with the hostas that need dug up and replanted, I've decided to just redo that area this fall and see if the space looks happier next spring. 

I also want more red tulips beside the stepping stones off the patio.  I love bringing them in as cut flowers for the table.

That's my initial wish list.  Bulb catalogs keep coming in the mail so I'm sure I'll add a few more selections.


  1. You are way ahead of me! I don't usually think of bulbs until they go on sale in the middle of October. Then I swoop in like a vulture and snap up the bargains. Of course I pay for my frugality, when I come to plant them in the cold weather. My fingers usually freeze!
    I wish I had marked off the holes in my beds that need bulbs to balance things out. That is a great idea.

  2. We've been inundated with bulb catalogues and I've just put them aside -- but now that's it's cooler -- I always buy way too many and then it is such a chore to plant! But I love them in the spring! And so endure that planting in the fall knowing what will come. I've planted more daffs the last few years and neglected the tulips -- it's time I concentrated on the tulips and I think that this year, there are "bare" spots in the herb garden and I may just buy a lot of inexpensive tulip bulbs to fill in those spots -- treating them like annuals and digging them up after!

    It should be smashing in the spring!

    It's cooler today -- I may just have to look up those catalogues!

  3. Dear Sherlock Street, I know only too well the temptations of bulb catalogues. However, I have now learnt the disipline that buying masses of a few varieties is far more satisfying than a few of many different ones. As for daffodils. No yellow admitted. I admire them in the gardens of others since they are quickly over and untidy after flowering.

  4. I've started a bulb list on-line as well. Have close to $200 worth that I eventually scale down to about a $100. Of course, my poor draining soil will kill them all but it is fun to dream.

  5. We finally had rain. .and a lot of it. That also brought much cooler temps for the last couple days. I, too, am getting excited for fall--and my wish list is culminating. I noticed a couple of mums began to bloom and I picked a pumpkin the other day--bring it on!!

  6. ~Jennifer
    I'll be getting some of the more common bulbs much the way you do but there are a few things I want for sure. I order them because they are hard to find locally.

    I like your idea of putting some inexpensive bulbs in the garden. They'd be great for indoor bouquets.

    I agree on the masses. I hoping to make crocus masses for next year. To each his or her own for colors. That is why the blue squill must be moved.

    ~Dirt Digger
    I often have a big list that needs trimming too. Keep dreaming.

    Yea for your rain!!!! Mums already? They must be enjoying your cooler temperatures too.

  7. I'm chuckling at the thought of 100 degrees days. At this point, I say, let them come, but I may change my mind once they get here.


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