Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Bunch Of Seed Heads

The early blooming zinnias have gone to seed.  They're really awful looking in the flower bed.  Cutting them off tidies up the flower bed and gives me tons of seeds for next year.


  1. I have been collecting seeds too!

  2. Gardener,
    I saved flower seeds last year...lots of zinnia seeds. Unfortunately I did not get a good flower garden because of all the rain and then the unbearable heat. Maybe next year it will be better. It is definitely wise to save seed though. Seed packets are so expensive! I have been saving my Cleome seeds hoping I will get more than on plant next year!
    We got rain yesterday morning and it so cool this morning. I believe I will take my coffee out on the porch and enjoy this wonderful weather.
    Have a great day!

  3. How and where do you store them over winter?

  4. I have some seed pods in a baggie for next year too!! I also found like a 2 foot long okra last night (not sure how I missed him for so long, and he might not QUITE be 2 feet!) that I plan to dry and harvest the seeds for next spring too--hope it works!

  5. I don't mind most seedheads, but I agree zinnias are not 'cool looking'. But I do like the flowers! gail

  6. ~Darla

    I hope you get a lot of cleome seeds so you can spread the beauty. Some years, I lose out on seed gathering too. It comes and goes. The rain and cooler wether is much appreciated all around. Thanks for coming by.

    I just leave them in the plastic bucket. I'll probably need another little bucket before I stop gathering the seeds. I'll just set them in the house some place out of the way that will be dry (easy to do inside during the winter). Next spring, I'll rub them apart and let the seeds fall on a planting bed.

    Amazing okra. It's funny that there always seems to be an odd one that does something like that and you wonder how on earth you could have missed it for so long. One year I saved pea seed because a lot of pods dried while I was away and didn't pick them. They grew great. Hope the okra does well for you.

    Zinnia flowers are great. Most of the seed heads just look sad and messy.


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