Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Butterfly On Bush

Just wanting to prove that a butterfly bush really does attract butterflies.

It was 104 degrees when I took this photo.  I didn't spend a lot of time chasing butterflies for photos.  This one held still a bit.  I captured it and went back inside!


  1. At that temperature I would have tried to get the photo through a window from the safety of my AC. I hope things cool off for you.

  2. Nice picture. Lots of pretty butterflies in Linderhof's gardens. Love seeing the butterflies in the garden!

  3. Great plants for butterflies!

  4. Very pretty photo! I love butterfly bushes. Mine doesn't look so great, right now. It has a lot of yellow leaves. :/ Stay cool!

  5. 104? Yikes. I wouldn't have been able to get a picture at a 104 as that temperature requires a cocktail in both hands.

  6. I feel sorry for you. That is unbearable heat.
    Keep cool and keep taking pictures of butterflies....what a keeper!

  7. I love most any plant that provides nectar for flying beauties~gail

  8. Our 2 year old is forever asking to go out and look for butterflies. .I guess that was this mama's dreams--the boys weren't ever that interested, but she is--and we love to find 'em. The monarchs should be along soon in droves--so we are eagerly awaiting those! Is there an end in sight for this heat??? SHEESH!! It has been 108-110 for the last week!! And still near 100 most evenings at 9 and 10:00 at night! Think fall!

  9. Gack, 104! We managed 101 yesterday. I've noticed that the butterflies seem unaffected by the heat but the hummingbirds tend to feed only at dawn and dusk on the super hot days. Here's to some rain and cool weather for our respective gardens. Thank you also for almost always leaving a post at my blog, Seven Oaks...I so appreciate it and I don't get to tell you how much I enjoy your blog often enough!

  10. I haven't taken any pics for a while now. I just can't get creative when my kneecaps are sweating.

  11. ~Darla

    ~Cherry Lane
    Me too.

    The butterfly numbers are really increasing.

    That and the zinnias have been popular this year.

    Yellow isn not good. :-( Hope it perks up.

    Have you seen those hats with the cup holders and a long tube to act as a straw? For you, not me.

    Enjoy your cooler elevation.

    Me too. I'm making a list of some others to add next year that I'm seeing on other people's blogs.

    How sweet! I hope you get a lot of monarchs.
    The heat is insane. It should not be hot when the sun goes down.

    Butterflies must not feel heat. I understand the hummingbirds avoiding the hot part of the day. Bring on the rain! Thanks for stopping by my garden blog too. I enjoy your online garden.

    I find myself viewing the garden from inside the patio door to decide if I want to take a photo of something and then I do it as quickly as possible. I used to just wander around in the garden with the camera hanging around my neck.


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