Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chilling The Lettuce

This is the first year for trying to plant vegetables in August at Garden on Sherlock Street.  It has been soooo hot that I didn't dare try until we had a cool down this week.  I know it will get warm again, but I'm hoping our little break in the heat wave will assist in starting some "cool season" vegetables.  I am also trying the ice trick where I planted lettuce and spinach (right side of the cold frame box).  Plus, I threw a few ice cubes where I planted radishes (left side of the cold frame.)

If I get lucky and the lettuce germinates, I already have it in my cold frame box so I can slide the lids in and protect it later this fall. 

I also planted some peas.  Just to see.  I pulled back my cantaloupe vine (which is done), pulled back the straw and worked the soil for the peas.  I scattered a little straw on top of the seeds to help keep moisture.


  1. Now I do have to say, this is the first time I have ever heard/seen about ice in the garden...other than winter of course.

  2. Yup, I think your seeds will germinate happily! Cute!

  3. I use ice in the garden, but usually in my vodka.

    I have the issue with doing a second sowing of stuff that loves the cold. Our few days of sunshine are long gone here.

  4. I've never planted fall crops before, but would like to. I'd love some fresh lettuce.

  5. Wishing you the best of success - that will be delicious!

  6. ~Darla
    Always trying something new!

    I hope so.

    Whatever works for you.

    I'm doing this with a leap of faith. I've never seen it done here before but our extension agent says it can happen!!


  7. Good luck - I haven't tried that before!

  8. I have never tried fall planting either, but got inspired to plant some beet seeds Monday before the beautiful slow rain came--and also have tomatos that have germinated for the greenhouse. Am still waiting on the peppers to come up, but they always take longer. The best part about Kansas is the ever changing seasons!! Gotta love 'em--by the time you get tired of one season, the next one is sure to be coming up fast!

  9. I have never heard of the ice to help seeds germinate. I planted some more tomatoes and I have to baby them because of this HOT weather. They may not make it. I hope you have success...keep us posted.:)

  10. I have never seen this! I hope it ingenious idea. You really want that lettuce! I know what you mean, Store lettuce is sometimes less than tasty.

  11. Tossing ice cubes on lettuce seed is a new one to me! What a great idea to keep the bed cool. I am glad that someone is receiving cool weather. Still hot hot hot in GA...

  12. Love the ice cube idea and if it works you'll have all of us trying it next year. Good luck~gail ps just peaked at your bulb list~must add red tulips to mine!

  13. I never heard of the ice trick. What a good one. Time for me to plant my fall garden too. Hope yours is abundant and beautiful this fall.


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