Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just Trying To Survive

If you check out Tour of Garden on Sherlock Street, you'll see two hanging baskets under the beam of the patio.  Each basket has a bacopa plant and a red geranium plant.  The bacopa in particular is doing very well.  I love having hanging baskets on the patio.  However, when it gets over 100 degrees and especially if it is windy, those baskets dry out fast!  It's like having a blow dryer pointed at the baskets all day.  So, I take the baskets down and they sit on the patio until the weather gets more moderate. 

Not the best display but we're talking survival here!


  1. I've never been very good at container gardening but I sure love pretty baskets of flowers. Whatever it takes to get yours through this excessive heat! They are lovely. Have a nice weekend.

  2. A very, very good idea. I just took down one of mine which was in the sun. It's just too hot for them right now. Others are hanging the shade of arbors and doing okay. I keep telling myself it will cool down someday.~~Dee

  3. Dear Sherlock Street, Under normal conditions, hanging baskets are a tremendous amount of hard work to maintain looking good. With the extreme conditions you are experiencing, they must be really suffering. I think you are very wise to move them into the shade when temperatures are at their peak.

    I do hope that the weather will ease for you soon.

  4. I'm hopeless when it comes to maintaining hanging baskets! And in this heat, I LOOK like the picture of yours in this post :) Hopefully, a cool wave is coming!

  5. This is garden survival weather -- and only the toughest survive -- we did get a little rain last night but 100 degrees is still 100 degrees and any air blowing is HOT!!!! I heard that there may be cooler weather comng -- like MID 90's!

  6. ~Mildred
    Containers do take more water especially baskets hanging in the wind. I've learned a few tricks.

    Hang in there. It will cool down. Sometime by Novemeber maybe. Ha.

    Thanks for coming by. We're getting a break from the heat this week.

    I think we're in for cooler weather this week although it may be humid.

    Mid 90s sounds cool doesn't it. A few degrees make a big difference when it gets so crazy hot.


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