Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Lush Patio Plantings

My containers are doing well especially on the patio.  It is looking quite lush.


  1. I'm actually surprised at how well the geraniums and begonias are doing what with the heat and drought.

    Your planters are truly lush!

  2. I want those caladiums , what great plants they are. very nice, take acre, Gina

  3. They look great! Mine have dwindled down to mostly succulents left. It has been a hot summer!

  4. How lovely ... you are so lucky not to have my rabbits! They sat on each pot and ate every morsel of leaf till there were no more. They do not seem to like marigolds though. My containers were not so lush as your! ;>)

  5. Your plants look wonderful!. I have a geranium, and it is struggling. I fertilize, water, and baby it, and it hasn't grown, and looks very sorry for itself. Sigh.

  6. Such a welcoming sight!

  7. ~Martha
    I think the patio helps give a little shade during the middle of the day so the containers there get a break.

    Thank you.

    The caladiums have been the easiest thing this summer.

    I baby the patio plants a bit to keep some green by the back door. Things are crispier in the yard.

    I had a rabbit do that one summer to my front porch containers. Frustrating.

    Thank you.

    Sorry to hear your geranium isn't happy. Maybe it'll perk up with the cooler weather.

    Thank you. I like sitting out there with them.


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