Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not Mowing

The one good thing about not getting rain for a spell at Garden on Sherlock Street is that I don't have to mow.  Since we don't water the lawn, it goes dormant when it gets dry.  I refuse to mow more than once a week.  I usually mow on Thursdays because I have other things I typically do Mon, Tue and Wed and I don't want to mow on the weekend.  That leaves Thursday.  Well, the grass hasn't grown much in the last week so no mowing tonight!

I think the little lawn we have looks fine.

We found out the dead spots in our Bermuda grass were likely caused by winter kill.  They are mostly in the places we pile the snow.  While the grass in those spots is shorter than the rest of the lawn, they are filling in well.


  1. Not much mowing here either. A good thing. I let my lawn go dormant as well. If only the long and tall goosegrass would go dormant there'd be NO mowing. Sigh.

  2. Dear Sherlock Street, In my experience most people mow far too often and cut the grass far too short. They then wonder why they do not have a satisfactory lawn. J, my gardener/handyman insists that our grass is left a little longer, particularly in dry spells, in order that we can enjoy a beautifully green sward!

  3. The bit of grass we have remaining in the front yard only grows in a three by two foot spot, the rest just sits there pathetically. I can't bring myself to lug the mower around for six square feet, so my lawn looks like it has a mohawk. I hate mowing. At least you don't have to mow in the winter. Mowing is year round here in California.

  4. I have to agree, it's just too hot to be cutting grass. We eliminated all grass and sold our lawn mower!!!

  5. Mowing is my least favorite job! This year it is more than miserable with the heat and a million mosquitoes.

  6. Fortunately, those boys that I am tolerating are now big enough to mow--and I don't miss it one bit!! Too bad you don't live closer--I'd loan them out--if you could stand a few "stray hairs" left as they cut their corners too sharp sometimes :-)Oh well--beggars can't be choosers!!

  7. I hate mowing so much I took out all the yard. I have to weed less, around my perennials, than I had to mow. And the weeds can go way longer a stretch than having to mow. Want to buy a slightly used mower? You could get twice as much done!

  8. Me too - no mowing this week for the first week this summer. Oh glory day! Between my lawn, and my mother in law's, it takes half a day to get the job done. And hubby has been working out of town a lot this summer on a photography book project, so the mowing has fallen to me. I hate doing it.

  9. I like to mow on Thursday's when possible. It gives the bugs a chance to calm down and the yard is pretty for the weekend. It does not always work out on Thursday though. Today I have a headache so may not mow today :( You sure were busy during your tomato sauce simmering...

  10. We had a dry spell at the beginning of summer - I didn't have to mow for a month! The grass and clover were brown, but I didn't care. Even the weeds stopped growing for a while. I loved it.

  11. ~Martha
    I agree.

    Don't have goosegrass. Sounds like I'm glad I don't.

    J is a smart man. We have our mower set at its highest too. It helps keep the weeds down too.

    Yes it is!

    Sounds like you're ready to replace that lawn with something better.

    We're working on no lawn. Someday...

    After all the work of mowing, it doesn't look that different. Give me flowers!

    Lucky you! I leave a few spots at times when I'm in a hurry to be done mowing.

    That is awesome. I'm working on a no mow garden. We got rid of the remaining lawn in the back yard this spring. I'm hoping to sell my mower one day.

    Glad you're taking a week off too. I'm sure you have a bit to mow with a farm.

    Thursday is good because if I must mow, it does make it nicer for the weekend. Hope your headache goes away--unless you want it for an excuse not to mow.

    ~Cherry Lane
    The one good thing about no rain--no mowing!!!

  12. We haven't mowed for a long time either. I just weedwhack the clover flowers and weeds here and there. So many of our neighbors water their grass and then have to keep getting out the mower. Your grass does look much more green than our though.


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