Friday, August 13, 2010

The Sidewalk Sunflowers Are Blooming

The Sidewalk Sunflowers have been interesting to watch.
They were cute.  They got ridiculous.  They grew as tall as me.
Now, they're taller than me and blooming!

What I discovered when I pulled the flower down to look at it was that there were 3 honey bees covered in pollen working over that bloom.  I tried to get a photo of them after retrieving the camera from my wonderful husband, but they had gone on to another bloom.

These sunflowers are growing in a crack in the sidewalk.  They've only gotten water when it's rained.  It hasn't rained in quite a while.  It's been over 100 degrees a lot.  The wind has felt like a hair dryer. 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that sunflowers do so well here with no help from me.
They are growing in The Sunflower State.


  1. Cool. I have been wondering about your Grow in the Crack Sunflowers.

  2. I love sunflowers -- and we have some growing at Linderhof (from the birds) and they are tough -- they can take the heat and the drought.

    Ours, however, are not tall!

    And did you notice how they follow the sun?

    Which is why they're called sunflowers!

  3. Wow, those are tall sunflowers!

  4. I love sunflowers! Yours are really TALL. I once had a variety of red cannas that got taller than me. They would be so pretty one moment and broken on the ground the next!!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I love sunflowers and you know it is one flower that does not grow well in my garden. Not enough sun I guess. While in Iraq I came upon a whole field of sunflowers and was simply stunned-to this day the sight brings a smile to my face. Sunflowers are very drought tolerant indeed. Have a great weekend.

  6. That is pretty amazing. I have plenty of cracks in my concrete. No sunflowers, though. Pity.

  7. ~Darla
    They're blooming!

    It is fun to see their sunny faces change with the sun. I got some really tall ones this year for some reason.

    They brighten the area.

    I was shocked how tall they are myself

    I haven't grown cannas for a while. Mine never got terribly tall. Sounds like you had some big ones.

    A field of sunflowers is certainly a beautiful sight. What a find while you were deployed. I didn't know sunflowers grew there. I always think of them as a US prairie plant.

    I planted sunflowers one year. They've reseeded ever since. Growing in the sidewalk is new this year.


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