Friday, August 27, 2010

Suet Diner

The bird feeders add so much to Garden on Sherlock Street.  We aren't serious bird watchers.  I can't tell you the species of most of the birds.  All I know about the bird in this photo is that it is some type of wood pecker.  He or she has become a regular visitor.  The birds have added a lot of interest to the garden and they really help to keep the insect problems under control for many of the plants.  If you know what this bird is, please leave me a comment.


  1. We love to invite the birds to our gardens as well.

  2. I think it is a Downy Woodpecker. We love to watch the birds also. The birds and butterflies add a lot of color and movement to the garden don't they? Hope you have a very nice weekend.

  3. Linderhof's gardens are filled with birds . . .and we name them!

    We have:

    Leonardo De Finche (the goldfinches)


    Jose Cardinale (the male Cardinal)


    Claudia Cardinale (the female cardinal)


    Helen (the tufted titmous -- because I had a friend named Helen whose laugh sounds like their call!)

    Enjoy the birds whether you know their kind or not -- they are good friends in the garden!

  4. Very cute on Martha's bird names. I agree with Mildred-downy woodpecker though this one and the hairy woodpeckers confuse me. Suet really brings in the birds-even in the summertime!

  5. Like you, we are not serious bird watchers either, but my wife loves them in our backyard. We have run through a number of feeders in an effort to find one which squirrels can't distroy.

  6. Looks like a young Downey woodpecker. I used to feed one in my yard until one winter, a red tailed hawk took it right off the feeder as I was watching from the window. I was devastated. Curtailed my putting out suet.

  7. Great picture! There is a book you MUST get!! Birds of Kansas Field Guide by Stan Tekiela--it is small, cheap and really cuts down on the searching that you need to do to identify your birds. Mine is about worn out!! This summer we pulled it out to ID a blue grosbeak (which we found were more of a rare bird found in Ks!!) We saw him a couple of different times this summer!! You will not be sorry you bought the book, even if you aren't avid bird watchers--though it IS addictive, and I suspect that you will become more cognizant of your visitors!

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  9. ~Darla
    We've had quite a variety the last few years.

    I think you're correct. I did a little research with that name. It's so fun to watch him balance on the feeder. And, he likes my sunflowers when they go to see.

    We've named a few too. We have wheezy the turtle dove (one of them wheezes with every call) and lots of birds named Robin. Ha!

    I checked out Downy Woodpecker and I believe you are correct. He's fun to watch.

    We don't have a squirrel issue so our feeders are truely for the birds, but some of the large starlings gobble up the feed in a hurry. I need a feeder that only lets little birds in so they get their share.

    I think you're right too. How distressing to see the hawk take one off the feeder. But, that is the order of the wild. We have hawks around occasionally. They mostly seem to want the bunnies.

    Thanks for the book referral. I have one for butterflies (although I have to get a photo of the butterfly first to have time to study it.) You seem to know your birds well. I need to start making a list of all the great books people recommend. Thank you!

  10. Love that you have woodpeckers and posted the photo too! Our yard doesn't get as many birds here, lots of chickadees though!

  11. They come peck on our house all the time and my husband always wants to shoot them but I don't let him.

  12. Adorable picture... That birdie looks very happy!

  13. Birds have been returning more and more to the garden here. There always seems to be a lull in visitors in the middle of the summer. I love when the woodpeckers visit, last year they hung out in the apple tree eating apples we couldn't reach.


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