Monday, August 9, 2010

Time For The August Tour

You may use the page in the right hand colum, "Tour of Garden on Sherlock Street" or you may go back one post to see the August tour.

In general, containers are fuller, the garden is growing and flower colors have shifted to more "hot" colors (orange, red, etc.)  Except for the surprise lilies which form a large bouquet in the back yard.

If I can keep plants watered through August, the plants should just continue to grow and bloom as they are until the weather cools.

Enjoy the tour!

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  1. Your August garden looks lovely -- I love the color changes as the months go by -- August flowers look like they've soaked up all that summer sun -- they are so brightly colored!

  2. It's good to have an ongoing journal of the changes.

  3. I like your back yard SO much! Have I asked you before how you keep weeds out of the mulched areas? Did you lay weed barriers? I'd like to take out more of our grass, but don't want to fight weeds....

  4. ~Martha
    I do enjoy the switch too. Just not the heat.

    It's really helping me see places I need to adjust.

    We used newspaper to smother the grass. There have been a few places where the Bermuda grass has came through and I resorted to spraying it. Anytime I think we have a thin spot in the paper, I should just add more. You can't have too much and make sure it overlaps well.


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