Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where Is The Rain Gauge?


  1. Ah, August -- where we get minus inches of water!!!!

  2. How very clever...and what a soothing voice you have! I hope you do this again soon - AND hope it rains soon!

  3. Oh, voices. Weird. There were voices, yes, it wasn't just those here with me talking again, right? That happens. A lot.

  4. We were in drought conditions until about a week ago, then we got rain just about every day for a week, now no rain for a couple of days again. It was nice while it lasted.

    You do have a sweet voice and that was a cute little tour to find your rain gauge.

    Hope you get some rain soon.


  5. Even if the rain doesn't come soon, at least some cooler temps will!! Mid 80's on Sunday are expected for our part of the world--and I can hardly stand it!! It is still mid-80's at 6 am when I get out to walk! Rain dances from southern Kansas!!

  6. Cute video :-) I know this feeling of pain with lack of rainfall. Here in Georgia, drought is a common word as it is used often. We have lived here for 10 years and found our lake so low we could not launch our boat several years. Luckily, the past two years we have been receiving pop up showers here and there throughout the summer months. Not as many as we would like but some none the less. I was dragging the hose around yesterday but expecting showers this weekend. I just hope they hit our target gardens...

  7. Oh it is so HOT here and we need rain too! Loved your video and the little tour of your garden. I want to start composting and I noticed your compost tumbler. I need to learn more about it. What did you mean by not using it much but things going in the pile?

  8. ~Martha
    I think August takes back everything we get in June and July.

    Thank you. You are sweet. It was fun to record. Chance of rain tonight and tomorrow.

    Should I be worried about you?

    So glad you got regular rain for a while. Thank you for watching my video. You're sweet too.

    Keep dancing. There's a promise of rain in the forecast!

    Thank you. I'm tired of dragging the hose too. We have a chance of rain in the forecast.

    Thanks for stopping by. I use the compost tumbler for weeds the most. It dries out on me at times since it is up in the air and I have to add water. By 'the pile,' I mean literally a pile where I often throw apple cores, peelings, plants I've cut back, etc. It started because we were filling in the hole left by removing a concrete pad and often have stuff too big to fit in the compost tumbler. The sunflowers surround the pile currently. In the fall, I'll put a lot of plants from the garden there. It breaks down during the winter and next spring, the soil at the bottom will be awesome. 'The pile' has become more condensed because we built another raised vegetable bed and had to move it over a bit. Someday, it will likely be gone as I make plans for every inch of the garden or I'll just plan on a place for a pile.

  9. Where's the rain? I am hoping right around the corner. It is so horribly hot!


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