Monday, August 30, 2010

Winter Accomodations

The family room in our home got a deep cleaning recently.  By deep cleaning, I mean everything got moved and vacuumed, dusted or washed.  Top to bottom.  OK.  I didn't do the ceiling.  Anyway, after the deep cleaning, I rearranged a few things including the plant stand.  I moved it from one window to another.

My father-in-law made the plant stand for me as a gift.  It's big.  He was going to make it bigger.  I intervened after measuring the space.  Although, I sometimes wish I had more space when I bring the plants in each fall.

The three middle shelves have lamps so I can give those plants some extra light during the winter.

I have clay saucers...

plastic saucers...

miscellaneous saucers...

wood blocks to raise containers up inside baskets so the container rim is near the basket rim...

and some baskets to sit containers in.  There are also some cork saucers to protect furniture under the containers.

I never know when that first frost will hit.  It's good to be ready for the winter plant migration.


  1. Dear Sherlock Street, The Boy Scouts, with their motto of 'Be Prepared' have nothing on you. Plant wise you appear to be set up in readiness for the Siege of Leningrad, or worse. What a wonderful stand for the overwintering of your tender plants. I was amazed to note the lamps to provide additional lighting during the dark days which, I fear, are not so far around the corner.

  2. Are you kidding me......are we really thinking about the first frost already????????????

  3. It looks like your plant stand is well equipped (the saucers and such). My other hobby is woodworking and it looks like your father-in-law did a nice job. I like the slats that make up the shelves. I guess it is time to start for me to start thinking about house plants too.

  4. I bring my plants in on Columbus Day and take them out on Truman's Birthday. I've never had a bit of a problem and it's wise to get them in early to adjust to less light before you turn on the furnace.

    I always am glad to see them go out . . . and I'm always glad to see them come in!

    What a great place for your plants!

  5. Wow, that time will be along before we know it!! I am loving this cooler weather--as have my garden flowers that are starting a lush blooming period again! Glad you are ready to go too!

  6. ~EH
    I've learned to be prepared after a couple of years when an artic front barreled down the plains mid September causing me to rush to try to save tender plants. It always gets warm again after one of those early frosts so I know I can tuck the containers in the garage quickly but I will start the migration soon. Each plant will get a bath to evict any small creatures which may be living in the pot and then they will slowly fill the plant stand.

    My average frost date is October 10. I could get a frost September 15 or not until November 15. It's crazy.

    The slats are nice for helping with more air circlation and even allowing some light down lower.

    If only I could always wait until Columbus Day. It varies a lot for me on when they come in. I enjoy moving them both in and out as well. I love the changing seasons.

    I was really enjoying the cooler weather too but these last four days or so have been hot and not windy and hot.

  7. You have an almost perfect set up for wintering your plants. I had hoped that the sunporch we added to our home some years ago would be just such a place--but it is not warm enough and I'm not interested in running a space heater all winter...

  8. Wow, that looks like you will be able to save a few plants. I really love to bring plants in the house in the fall. Can't wait to see what you can save.


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