Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn Asters

Along the neighbor's fence, I planted some asters that I received from a local garden club's plant giveaway.  In September, they bloom!


What I've never understood is:  why do flies like the asters?  They're all over the flowers.


  1. Wonder why I don't have Asters? They are so delicate and pretty. Better the flies on them than in the house.

  2. What a wonderful bunch of Asters.


  3. I just love asters. I noticed I have a lot of flies and bees on mine, too. Not sure why. Your asters look amazing.

  4. I have not planned as well as you. I am jealous that you have such pretty asters in bloom :)

  5. I have noticed the flies and also a lot of little butterflies and moths on mine.
    They are a nice spot of color for Autumn,

  6. Hum, good question on the flies but an answer, I do not have for you.... My asters croaked this year. Not sure if the bunny got them or heat and drought, either way, My asters are no more. Sniff Sniff...

  7. Always fun to win plants! Yours are a good size and very pretty. I haven't noticed flies on mine ... i will have to look. I planted one by my back fence and a rabbit ate all of it but the stems. :/ The ones by our house are fine.

  8. Not sure why the flies like asters but I love them! They are so drought tolerant and look good all the time. You can't beat that.

  9. I just planted a couple this year (mine are a little different looking--more blue). Yours are really lovely.

  10. I have some shorter blue asters that I planted from seed last year, and they are blooming their little hearts out now. Some of those flies you have may be bees. There is a type of bee that looks just like a fly.

  11. I like most all flowers. These asters are very pretty. I have never planted any of those. You planted yours in the right spot.

  12. ~Darla
    I agree. In fact, the asters were planted by the back patio for a year and I moved them so the flies wouldn't
    be right by the door.


    I guess all creatures like them.

    They're easy. I hope you can find a space for some.

    I have little butterflies too. It's nice to get some "new" flowers in the fall.

    They're pretty drought tolerant. Maybe it was the bunny. Or all your deer.

    Bunnies got some of yours too? My neighborhood bunny must not like them.


    Something easy after a long hot summer is refreshing.


    I think I have bees too. They don't hold still much to see. Shorter would be nice. These can get a little floppy at times.

  13. OOOOH! I wish we had a garden club somewhere close--and I don't have any energy left to start one myself!! I love the asters--not one that I have tried before! I bet the purple looks great with the season oranges and yellows!

  14. Hmmm not sure but I read that small and symmetrical flowers - like the Aster - are perfect for smaller insects like flies to access the nectar. That and maybe the fact that there isn't lot's of other plants in bloom to attract them?

  15. I must check and see if I have flies on my asters as they are just starting to bloom here - last weekend mine were covered in hoverflies which you would probably know better as flower flies in the USA.


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