Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friend Or Foe

I found several of these insects on my sunflowers the other day.  Is that good or bad?

***Updated 2010 09 07***
Thank you Amy for helping me identify this insect as a Pennsylvania Leather-wing.  It is a good insect for the garden.  Here's a link about how they help:


  1. Dear Sherlock Street, Like Darla, I should not be too sure. But, knowing the ways of the world, as I am sure that you will agree, it is more likely to be bad rather than good. That said, the sunflower is really bright and cheerful.

  2. Call me crazy...but I like to search to find out names of bugs. I think I found it...Pennsylvania Leather Wing Beetle. Go to:

    Do you think that is it?

  3. I don't know either. But they are color-coordinated, that's for sure.

  4. I would say good. It's the grasshoppers that nibble at the leaves. I have a bank of sunflowers along one side of the house and not only are the grasshoppers eating the leaves - they've eaten holes in our window screens!

  5. I wonder if they cross they cross state lines? Haven't seen 'em in IN yet...but we DO seem to have an unusual # of butterflies!

  6. Nice to know you have helpers in the garden to rid of pesky Aphids!

    Sorry about your Alberta Spruces, they are such beauties but the heat has been a killer this year. I lost a special plant this year and will talk about it later on. So sad to loose a dear friend in the garden….

    Since your rain barrels are full, can you send me some of your rain? We have only had .25 inch in the past 3 weeks and with temps in the upper 90’s, well, we need rain….

    I hope your lettuce seeds produce yummy lettuce next year! How fun to grow your own seed, plant and eat the rewards!

    Your Rain video made me chuckle as I too video taped the rain one time. I was run into the house by a loud clap of thunder though. You brought back that funny memory so thanks…

    Am glad you were able to ID your mystery plant as a Artemisia family member. I have so many mystery plants in my gardens this year. That happens when I scatter seeds and forget to label the area… lol…

    Your plant stand is awesome girl! What a wonderful gift. You look ready for winter storage for sure…

  7. Never seen them before but they are way cool. It's great a blogging friend helped you identify them.

  8. ~Darla
    Thanks for checking it out.

    Good news!! They're good bugs to have in the garden.

    Thanks for you help. You did good!

    They are color coordinated aren't they.

    I think I've had a few grasshoppers eating my screens too. I have small holes at this point but am keeping an eye on them.

    So glad to hear you have a lot of butterflies. I read these Pennsylvania Leather-wings are found in the eastern half of the US. Hopefully, you 'll get some too.

    Thanks for visiting the garden. As you commented there has been good and bad but GonSS keeps growing! Nice to know I'm not the only one crazy enough to try to video the rain. :-) Come back for all the fall happenings.

    I am learning so much from online gardeners this year. How nice to know I have good bugs so quickly. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I do not have sunflowers around here, so I have not seen these type bugs. Perhaps, that is their favorite flower to munch on.


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