Friday, September 3, 2010

Heat Stroke

The heat has been brutal at Garden on Sherlock Street this summer.  While I can water when the rain doesn't fall, I can't cool down the air for the garden.

I have three dwarf Albera Spruce trees in the shrub border along the alley.  All of them have developed dead spots.  Our local horticulture agent checked them out for me.  She says our climate is not ideal for dwarf Albera Spruce trees.  She also said while they will lose some of their shape, they should survive.

The dead spots are mostly on the side away from the house.  The side that gets the most sun.  They're still putting their best side forward for me to see from the patio.


  1. A little least they will survive..

  2. How stalwart of them to put their best side toward the patio :) Will the dead spots eventually fill in?

    Rain has finally come here offering relief to the hard, dry ground--and with it, cooler temperatures.

  3. I have dead spots over the entire plant ! I believe I will have to pitch them, they were in pots, and I believe they were fried this brutal Summer. thanks, Gina

  4. Oh dear what a shame, we had some hot weather for a few weeks, but plenty of rain followed eventually. It is amazing how things recover thought, hope your trees do ok.

  5. At least you can't see the brown spots. I'm glad that fall is on the way...:)
    We are getting rain this morning and it is so nice to see!!!!!

  6. Good luck with them; they'll get by, it's in their nature!

  7. Good to know about the spruce in our area!! I had a one day it was alive, the next day it was dead experience with the only one I had left when we returned from vacation. I have a small one on a pot on my front deck--but I don't believe that I will be buying anymore of those--the blue spruce seem to be much more acclimated to HOT!

  8. Hopefully they will survive! They seem like pretty tough trees.

  9. ~Darla
    It was a crispy year.

    The dead spots will fill in but that part of the tree will have dips in it so unless I trim the rest of the tree, it won't be a nice cone. We'll see after they grow some next year what I do.
    Glad you got some rain too.

    I'll be it's too hot for them where you live too. What a hot summer it was.

    I think they'll survive but I won't be adding anymore of them even if they are cute.

    Yea, rain for your garden.

    I think so too. c

    I've seen blue spruce do very well, they just get so big. We rented a house once that had a huge, beautiful blue spruce tree. It seemed to protect the house during thunderstorms. I loved it.

    I'll keep them and see what they do.

  10. Sorry about the Alberta spruce. We do love them here albeit so very slow growing.

  11. I am glad that you won't lose these plants completely. We have lost several azaleas this summer. It's the hottest summer on record for us in GA. I so look forward to cooler weather.
    Hope your week is going well.


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