Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Four O'Clock Somewhere

Autumn is when the four o'clocks look the best.  The heat is gone, they get more moisture and the drying winds let up.  It's hard to belive that this bed had bachelor buttons and love-in-a-mist earlier in the year.  I let all of those make seed before pulling them out.  The hawk moths love this flower bed.  They go crazy on all those blooms in the evening and morning.


  1. beautiful! How do yours bloom when it's still daylight?

  2. I started some from seed this year and planted them out mid-summer. No blooms; they're small but they appear established. Yours look so nice, I hope we'll have that next year. I read they will stay open on cloudy days, in Seattle we have those often enough...

  3. ~Cherry Lane
    They're in shade most of the morning and they stay open some on cloudy days. I caught them in a good moment.

    Me too!!

    They do stay open on cloudy days but they also need sun to grow so it's kind of a conundrum. Thanks for stopping by!


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