Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lettuce Gone To Seed

The lettuce I planted in the spring did very well for us.  I kept it going until Independence Day by applying my ice trick although the flavor wasn't as good once it got hot.  When it started to bolt, I just ingnored it.  It made these amazing flower heads and now it is making seed.  I'm hoping to harvest the seed to plant next spring. 


  1. Free lettuce seed; you can't argue with that.

  2. I've never left my lettuce long enough to go to seed! Good for you though (if it was yummy lettuce!).

  3. Dear Sherlock Street, All of those fluffy seedheads are such fun. Well worth allowing the lettuce to bolt to achieve them!

  4. I keep thinking that I will start my lettuce soon for this fall-but have procrastinated!! I also am procrastinating saving seed from some of my flowers--and the milkweek, which I also keep intending to photograph, because I have never seen it go to seed (since I haven't grown it myself till now)and it has a beautiful, huge pod, full of fluffy cotton attached to the seed--no doubt to help it fly to reseed somewhere else. Hope your lettuce grows well for you--has your other lettuce sprouted yet?

  5. Fresh lettuce will be tasty next spring! I love to let Kales flower the seeds are really lovely in the spring. gail

  6. ~IG
    I know. I harvested a bunch this evening.

    This was new for me too.

    That's why I let it go. I wanted to see what the flowers looked like. The seeds are bonus.

    You still have time for lettuce. The milkweed seed sounds cool. Make sure you get some! My other lettuce sprouted and is now starting to look like little lettuces.

    I was surprised how pretty these were too.


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