Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rain Gauge Report 2010 09 02

.27" of rain in the gauge.

Rain Barrel Status
1st rain barrel is full.
2nd rain barrel is full.
3rd rain barrel is more than half full.

A morning thunderstorm gave us some moisture.  I had used a little water from the rain barrels Tuesday night after the downpour to water the patio containers.  I have all of that back and then some.

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  1. We got over 5 inches yesterday -- and more this afternoon! It's WET out!!! (But surprisingly enough after the dry August -- there is no "mud" -- the ground is still not soft.

  2. I am afraid our downpour will be snow.
    Do you use a watering can to disperse your precious rain water or hook up a hose and drain it where it needs water in your garden?
    I do a little of both methods.

  3. ~Martha
    Wow! That's a lot of rain. You poor ground must be baked solid.

    I use a bucket and a sprinkling can. I can't get enough pressure to get it down a hose to the places I need it. It's a good work out. Builds muscles!

  4. I've been thinking about rain barrels a lot this summer, trying to decide just the right spot. But I was wondering what you do in winter when it hits freezing. Do you do anything different with your set up?


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