Friday, September 10, 2010

September Tour And A Blogging Break

The September Tour of Garden on Sherlock Street is posted in the page on the right (or just go to the previous post).
Enjoy the garden.  You're welcome to come visit as you wish.  There is bench by the front porch and a glider on the patio if you want to sit and watch the butterflies.  Please let me know if you see any hummingbirds.  I am taking a little break from posting, but I shall return.

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  1. Enjoy your break and I look forward to your return.

  2. I love the way your containers turned out--and the living wall of sunflowers! Enjoy your vacation--do you have out a donation plate, for those of us who come sit on your porch?? :-)

  3. Have a good break. It's good to do once in awhile. I'm going to your tour now :)

  4. ~Mildred

    Thank you.

    No charge, but if you want to pull weeds, go ahead.


  5. I've done the tour - now I'm going to sit on that glider and watch the butterflies! (We have an abundance of butterflies this year, it seems to me.)


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