Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Was This In The Forecast?

Tuesday evening, we had a surprise rain shower.


  1. Isn't that great?! Glad you got the rain.

  2. Count your lucky stars!!!! We are finally getting some rain!

  3. Same here! It was dry all July and August and then yesterday it POURED on us - my garden was so happy and I got a break from watering!!!

  4. I cant wait till our raining season starts. It is a big help for us out here in Califorina. Thank's for sharing and hope more comes your way...Julian

  5. I liked your video. I almost forget what rain looks like it has been so dry here. Your garden is really nice and this was a good way to see what you see out your windows. Nice view.

  6. So - YOU didn't have to water. And the plants received the Best water ever. A blessing all around! :-)
    Cute video. Thanks!

  7. Good for you! We need a similar surprise here.

  8. Wow what a downpour. i love the footage of your garden, its beautiful :)

  9. Glorious glorious rain. We got an inch and a half last night, and another downpour at noon. Wonderful! No more watering everything with a hose all over the yard - for a while anyway.

  10. ~Darla
    I know!


    Woo hoo!

    Glad your dry spell broke.

    Hope you get enough rain too.

    Thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Rain is the best!

    I hope you get one.

    Thank you. Downpours give the garden a nice cleaning.

    You got a nice soaking. Enjoy the break from watering.


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