Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birdhouses In The Making

I bought and planted some birdhouse gourd seeds four years ago.  I had a nice crop.  Some of the gourds are still sitting in my family room.

They're decorative, great conversation pieces, and still in my family room because I've had 5000 other things to do rather than making them into birdhouses.  As long as they stay dry, they should be fine for a while. 

Since I have a supply of birdhouse gourds, I haven't planted any more seeds. 

So, imagine my surprise when I discovered this growing in the wild area.

I think there are a few more hanging in the crazy sunflower patch. 

I guess I'll have a few more birdhouse gourds to add to my collection.


  1. Dear Sherlock Street, What unusually shaped gourds. I have never heard of any being converted into bird houses - it is definitely different. Meanwhile they look wonderful as an indoor collection.

  2. Gourds for nothing! You can't say fairer than that!

  3. Never know what surprises we might find! Those will be great bird houses.

  4. I luv those gourds. A gardening friend gave me one years ago that she had made into a birdhouse. Very special!

  5. I saw the CUTEST garland that someone had made using those birdhouses. They painted them white and put little black eyes on them and turned them into ghosts!! I had my boys paint some 2 years ago--but we ran out of paint--and the rest is history! Too bad really, it would have been really cute!! So if you get tired of making birdhouses--try the ghosts! Tis the season!

  6. Way cool! Gourds last FOREVER inside. I have some that are 10 years old or so.

  7. I found a bushel of bird house gourds in my Dad's barn a few years ago. I said "Dad, what are you doing with these?" He said, "I don't know, I just wanted to grow them." So of course, I took them. I've made quite a few bird houses with them - love them!

  8. One of those great serendipity moments that happen in gardening! Enjoy!

  9. ~Bonnie
    Fun isn't it?

    They make great natural birdhouse. I just haven't found the time to make them yet.

    I know. Free is always nice. One of the benefits of having gardened for awhile.

    I hope to get them made someday.

    I love how they look hanging in a tree.

    The ghosts sound cute. Even if I just made one or two to sit in on the table with some pumpkins. Do I have time before Halloween....

    Good to know. I'm hanging on to these. Obviously, I tossed a few that didn't do well. That's how I got the volunteer plant.

    I like your dad's way of thinking. That's how I get a lot of plants in my garden. Thanks for sharing.

  10. It doesn't take much to get gourds growing. What a treat!

  11. Now that is an unexpected but exciting 'find'! I have seen some cool birdhouses made of gourds but have never tried this myself. They take some 'serious' drilling skills;) It's great to have the gourds waiting for whenever you feel like creating the birdhouses...and it's nice that they 'keep' so well without rotting, in the meantime. I think they look nice resting on your fireplace--a real conversation piece!

  12. I love your collection of gourds and what a fun surprise to find new ones growing! My blog friend, Patsy (The Smiths) grew apple gourds this summer to make birdhouses with. Very cute!

    Hope you enjoy the weekend.


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