Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Weekend

My wonderful husband and I did a lot in the garden this weekend.  I'll post about his main project tomorrow.  Otherwise, there were a lot of little gardening chores taken care of.

Let's start with Saturday! The weather was beautiful!
It has been a while since it rained at Garden on Sherlock Street so I rotated running water through the soaker hoses all day.  Bulbs were planted and some general garden cleanup was started.  I let most of the perennials stand through the winter to cut back in the spring.  It usually adds winter interest to the beds, catches more snow to get that important moisture and gives the birds some place to feed/hide.

Below is the chocolate flower I planted in the spring.  It's looking spent but is still producing small yellow blooms.  It is also making seed.  I have been collecting the seeds to scatter throughout the front shrub border.  The catalog says it reseeds easily.  I'm hoping this is true.

The burning bushes are just starting to show their name.  I love red leaves in the fall and this is the best way to guarantee some at GonSS.

The flying flowers were very active Saturday.

I have been trying to photograph one of these all summer.  Finally, I got it including the back end of our pickup in the driveway.  It is what it is.

Here's the harvest from Saturday.  It's dwindling but nice to still get fresh produce.

I harvested all of the ornamental gourds.  It's time for fall decorating!

I don't know what these are called but they grow easily and are fun.

These are such cute little striped pumpkins.

These are snake gourds.  Although they made a lot of different shapes.

We made two new flower beds this past spring using chunks of concrete we had saved from removing a shed.  We placed the pieces for one bed smooth side up and the pieces for the other bed smooth side down.  After looking at them both all summer, we both decided we both preferred smooth side DOWN.  So, my wonderful husband flipped the ones that were smooth side up.

Sunday was just as beautiful.
I tackled the wild area of GonSS.  The sunflowers went to seed recently so I cut them down and added them to the pile.

The moon flower was buried by morning glories and sunflowers.  It looks a little rough but is making its spiky seed pods.

I emptied the rain barrels watering various containers and vegetables.  Then, I turned them upside down on the pile to drain completely.  I do spray them out with the garden hose to try to clean out the sludge which accumulates at the bottom, but I don't get worried about getting  it all.

After being "cleaned," I sit the rain barrels back on their stands upside down for the winter.

I'm hoping to save my caladium bulbs to replant next year.  I unearthed them and am waiting for the foliage to dry before cutting it off. 

Since the fish from the water container are now at my parents' farm, I emptied it as well.  I put the hornwort and the snails in a bucket to bring in the house over winter.

The water container will hold a birdbath through the winter.

Since it has been such a mild fall, there are several containers still looking good.  I grouped almost all of them onto the patio.  It stays warmer there and it could keep them looking good if we only get light frosts for awhile.  In the background is the other project I mentioned.  Post on that tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you had a productive weekend! Happy gardening - Jeanne

  2. Weekends like that are the BEST!! It is nice to be winding down the garden projects for the winter for the hibernation ;-)

  3. That sure was a busy weekend.

    I'm new to rain barrels - I installed my first one this spring. Why to you turn them upside-down for winter?

  4. What a busy weekend! Those snake gourds are cool.

  5. Dear Sherlock Street, You really did accomplish a lot over one weekend. It is so satisfying when so many little things which have been previously overlooked,are completed. The range and variety of your gourds are amazing.

  6. You have been very busy, can't wait until I get better physically to do all that I want to in my garden and yard too. I will try to save my caladium bulbs, never have,s o you have inspired me, thanks, Gina

  7. ~Jeanne
    Thanks for stopping by.

    There is always a list of chores as the seasons change, but I love having 4 seasons.

    ~Cherry Lane
    In my area, it freezes so much during the winter that any water in the barrels would expand and break the barrels. Even though we get above freezing a lot during the winter, those stretches of nights below 32 degrees would do in my barrels if they had water. I water very little during the winter so I'm not relying in them then anyway. I always hope for snow!

    They were fun to see what they'd make.

    It is amazing how many things one can get done if not interrupted with other things. I enjoy seeing how many gourds will grow in a year and they're so unique.

    Hope you have good luck with the caladiums!

  8. Hi Sherlock,
    Thanks for the tour through what looks like a really lovely and interesting garden. You two certainly had a busy and productive weekend. That is quite a harvest you have there!

  9. Wow! I'm tired just reading all you have done. I actually like the photo with the p/u truck. Very nice! I was wondering what people did with rain barrels in the winter. My friend leaves hers full and so far it has not cracked. Me, I'm not so brave because I've had stuff crack before due to frozen water. I guess I'll wait until next year to hook them up. I like how your downspout flows into it. We still haven't figured out how we'll do ours.

  10. What a great post. I love all the different gourds and pumpkins especially. We are having perfect weather for being outdoors to work in the yard but we are very dry here in GA too. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  11. Love the gourds and that little striped one is a pumpkin? Where did you find the seeds for that, I have pumpkin envy!


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