Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fixing A Trashy Place

There is a small fence in the alley at Garden on Sherlock Street where we store our trash bin on "non-trash days" and store items that need to be taken somewhere else.  While it looks intact in this photo, the posts are rotten and the boards need renailed on constantly.

We made quick work of removing the pickets.

The lush green you see beyond the trash fence is mint.  I mow it down occassionally during the summer and it always looks beautiful again in the fall.

The fence rails came off.

The posts were so loose, my wonderful husband just pulled them out of the ground.
After this, he started putting together the posts and stringers.  That was the end of one Saturday working on this project.  We might have gotten farther but it took forever at the lumber yard in the morning--long story.

The next Saturday, he dug new (bigger) holes.

Then, the new (taller) posts were installed with new stringers.  Concrete was poured around each post and we waited overnight.

On Sunday, boards were attached.

All done. A nice new trash fence.


  1. Hello, it looks great! Mint is a good choice around the trash.:)
    I would like to cover up that stuff, also. Right now, it is all on the side of our house.

  2. Looks great!! Nice to be able to check those projects off the list!!

  3. A much better look indeed. Good job!

  4. Hey that looks so much better. Great job.

  5. That is exactly what we need! You both did a great job and I like the mint planted nearby.

  6. That should last for quite awhile! That's an attractive surround for a not-so-attractiv3e item :)

  7. ~Bonnie

    We smelled like mint all weekend because it was on our shoes!

    This one has been on the list for about a year and a half. Glad it's done.


    Thank you.

    The mint just makes it nicer.

    I think we're good on that little fence for a loooooong time.

  8. Very nice looking area now, great work. Love that mint!

  9. I wish your wonderful husband could come and help with our not so wonderful garage makeover - he looks like a handy man to have!


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