Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ground Feeders

While many feathered friends make use of the two bird feeders at Garden on Sherlock Street, some larger birds also dine on the ground under the bird feeders.

We've had a few blue jays this summer.

There are several doves that like our yard.  Sometimes, I find them napping on the mulch.


  1. Ahhhh doves....some call them the cockroaches of the air....but they are still fun to have in the yard:) And blue jays...lucky you:) It's possible here, but only in winter:)

  2. I love that little seed catcher mulch bed. I am going to copy that for sure. Hope you do not mind. If you have any ideas for keeping the sparrows from shooting the seed all over, I hope you can post on that.

  3. ~rohrerbot
    It is dove hunting season here. Sometimes, I think they're hiding in our garden. They're fun to watch. Kind of like having occassional chickens.

    Sparrows are such messy eaters aren't they? I put the little wooden hexagon under the feeder originally to keep from walking there and hitting my head on the feeder. Ha! It works though for both things.

  4. I have only seen 2 blue jays here in 13 years!! I wish we had more--but then I hear they can be kind of naughty too!! They are beautiful though, aren't they!! The dove is one of my favorite birds because of their cooing--One of my favorite sounds of summer nights!! I'm eagerly awaiting for the little ground feeding dark eyed juncos to arrive here!! I have yet to relocate my feeder since the pond project--I don't really want all their messy spills in my water :-)

  5. Doves are the funniest birds~i enjoy their cooing on early morning visits to the garden. gail

  6. ~Melanie
    Blue Jays can be kind of a bully because of their size but I love to see them. They don't fit well on our feeders so that keeps them from dominating in our yard much.
    I love listening to the doves too. Although, we have one in the neighborhood that wheezies. Poor guy.

  7. ~Gail
    I like seeing the doves. They seem sweet.


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