Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's All About The Pods

The Flower Tower has been a big success at Garden on Sherlock Street this summer.  It has been assembled, planted, disassembled for fear of frost, celebrated, praised,  and bragged about

There are fewer flowers now, but the purple hyacinth bean vines are making pods!

These will dry and be saved to plant more next year.


  1. Your Flower Tower looks great! I like your hyathinth bean vine too - the pods are such a pretty purple!

  2. One of my favorite flowering vines! I love the purple backed leaves, pods and flowers! gail

  3. What a cool purple color the have to them. And the vine looks so healthy looking. HAve a good day in the garden....Julian

  4. I love your flower tower. Those purple pods are such a pretty color.

  5. Looks so lush. I have BES Vine in my tipsy container and it's just beginning to bloom...

  6. That's a marvelous creation! I am glad you are able to save seeds from the lovely vine.

  7. Those hyacinth beans just rock! I don't always have success growing them but this year has been a great year.

    I was looking at your 'new' telephone line. At first I was mad they just laid it on top of the ground then I realized they did it out of consideration for you and your garden. They surely will fix it though and it's nice of them to wait until you are there. I'd demand that myself for sure. I was also going to remark on your tour and the fact it looked like you had no grass in the backyard when you said as much. Too cool!

  8. That turned out really nice!! I've never seen purple hyacinth bean before--very lovely!

  9. ~Heather
    The purple is what got me.

    It really does have a variety of ways to be purple.

    The vines have done very well in the flower tower. I think I'll plant them there again next year.

    I wish they stayed purple when they dried too. They'd look great as a decoration.

    The weather has kept these going longer than I expected. I'm hoping to hang on to them for awhile.

    I've had good luck saving the seeds. I bought a packet one year because I saw them on P. Allen Smith's Garden show.

    Do yours self seed or do you plant them every year? I have to save the seeds and replant. I don't think the seeds like our winters.
    I'm still waiting on the phone line. Hopefully, it'll be done soon. It is good that they didn't just dig without us knowing.
    I'm working on a no mow garden. A lot of lawn disappeared this spring!

    They're super easy to grow. I bet your kids would think they're cool.


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