Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Done

I posted recently about the pending cable replacment for our phone and internet service.  A temporary line laid across the back yard for almost two months.  After some miscommunication and then our local phone company getting the run around by the national phone company who actually owns the cable and rents it to our local phone company, the contractor got the ok to dig for the new cable.  He was great to work with.  My husband was home when the crew got there and was able to talk with them about the garden and our concerns.  A trenchless process was used and the contractor was very respectful of our garden.  There was some digging next to the house in my bouncing betties (they'll fill back in)...

some digging in the alley where I'm growing wildflowers (they'll reseed)...

and a trench across the alley to the phone box.

This photo shows orange marks where the old cable was (it's still there.  No one pulled it out.)  The new cable was put in to the left about four feet so it would clear our locust tree as it makes its way to the house. 


  1. Oh, good! Glad there was minimum "upset"! SOMEone on my list of gardening friends just had a major tear-up. I felt badly for her. We had a front yard mess a couple of years ago when the road was widened. Lost a tree & major landscaping plants, etc. I know a little of how it feels.

  2. So glad it is done and that your gardens were saved. What a relief!

  3. I'm sure you're relieved that you've got this job done without too much upset to the garden.

  4. At least it's now done, and with minimal damage.

  5. ~Rebecca
    It's hard knowing someone is going to just dig through your garden. So sorry you lost a tree. That's the worst.

    ~Cherry Lane
    Indeed. I am relieved.

    Thank you.

    Yes. Time to move on. I watered the little Alberta spruces by the alley well today. My husband said when they went under them, the trees shook. Must have been boring through some roots.


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