Friday, October 15, 2010

Just For Fun II



This daisy has the oddest petals.  It's like they're rolled up in a tube near the center.  They look like spoons around a yellow ball.  All of the blooms on one of my daisy plants is doing this.  Odd.  Because I couldn't close the scanner lid with the daisy, I sat a measuring cup over the top of it.



  1. I think you've discovered a wonderful art form! That daisy with the measuring cup is an amazing sight! Think "Christmas gifts for gardening friends"!

  2. These pictures come out so pretty!

  3. Definitely...what Rebecca said.....those are great shots and would make fantastic covers for cards.....enjoy your weekend!

  4. I love the Daisy shot... very unique. Perhaps you should mosey on over to Gardening Gone Wild and enter one of your favorite scans in the Picture This Photo Contest for October.

  5. Very cool-I totally liked the daisy and measuring cup the best too! What are you going to do with the prints?

  6. ~Rebecca

    It's fun to play with.

    Oh, the possibilities. Thanks.

    I think that's what Cherry Lane is doing and the blogger who gave me this idea. Maybe. We'll see. Mostly, I'm having fun with it.

    That was a fluke. I was searching the basement for something to sit over the daisy and found the old measuring cup I use for laundry. I'm contemplating some different ideas.

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. These turned out awesome, too. I love the daisy in the cup. Some of them actually look liked pressed blooms.

    I've seen daisies like that. I was thinking that was a new variety of them.


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