Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just For Fun

I totally got this idea from Cherry Lane at  I didn't worry too much about "arranging" the blooms.  I thought of it as digitally pressing the plants.  I've pressed flowers between pages of a phone book before where they dry into flat representations of their former selves.  I see this as a way to keep the color.  Plus, it is way faster.  I simply placed the blooms on my scanner, carfully lowered the lid and started the scanning process.  I did have to clean the scanner serveral times to remove pollen and such.  The following are a few blooms that are still looking good on the patio.








  1. Dear Sherlock Street, yes, I have seen this digital scanning of flowers on other weblogs and have found it most intriguing. Teresa Opdyke on her weblog has created the most artistic arrangements which look absolutely charming. One then thinks of all manner of uses for the finished images!

  2. Very pretty - such a fun idea! Hope you have a good day.

  3. Nice blooms! I haven't done any more since my trial run. I haven't done much of anything garden-related, for that matter. My current, time-consuming, not-at-home project will be done this week, then I can tackle my poor, neglected garden!

  4. Oh, how pretty! I would of never thought of that.

  5. Very pretty. Love how they all photographed.

  6. You should be framing these. They are very unique. Fun idea!

  7. ~EH
    I'm thinking they could make nice greeting cards.

    The possibilities are endless.

    ~Cherry Lane
    Thanks for the idea. I'm hoping to collect some pretty leaves to try this with too.

    And, easy!

    I hadn't before either but it's so simple.

    It reminds me of the leaf diagrams you made for your trees.

    As I told EH, I think a person could make nice greeting cards.

  8. I love how these turned out! I am trying to remember where I've seen something like that. Some guy used to post photos of scanned items, I think, on a garden forum on ivillage.

  9. Lovely! I like how the bacopa and the vinca turned out.

  10. They WOULD make wonderful note cards! Very clever :)

  11. Hi Sherlock Street,
    I have never seen this done before, although I have to admit to sticking all manner of less artistic things in the scanner. I am afraid that now I've seen this, any free time that I did have is now going to be taken up with trying out this new pastime! Thanks for the heads up.
    Hope you don't mind, but I am going to follow you...and not in the creepy sense! Best wishes...Gary

  12. ~Sue
    I'm sure the idea has been around. So fun to discover it.


    I really like the bacopa too.

    I think I can just upload them to one of those online photo places and order cards printed.

    You're welcome to the idea. It wasn't mine originally. It is addictive. If I hadn't had other things going on lately, I'd be scanning more. I'm thinking fall leaves!

  13. I might try to scan a few vegetables! I wonder how I'll get the lid down; I might have to do cross-sections!

  14. ~IG
    That is a great idea. You could show the seeds inside that way. A lot of vegetables are really cool looking when they're cut open. It could be messy though. I'm thinking tomatoes would really be messy.


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