Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I try to move plants I want to overwinter indoors gradually. I give each plant a bath and serious soaking.

This usually evicts any insects or spiders living in the plants. Although, I have found stowaways in the past. When the first frost threatens, it's a plant stampede to the family room. Below are photos of this year's migration.

September 6, 2010

1 Jacob's coat
2 amaryllis

September 21, 2010

1 mother-in-law's tongue

September 24, 2010

2 cacti

September 25, 2010

4 geraniums

September 26, 2010

1 aloe vera
1 geranium
1 asparagus fern

September 30, 2010

2 geraniums

While you see clay saucers under the containers in the above photos, I've acquired plastic saucers for each container.  Clay saucers seep moisture creating a breeding ground for mold.  The clay saucers are being reserved for the house plants in the living room where I use cork coasters to protect furniture and flooring.

October 5, 2010

1 geranium
6 impatien cuttings
1 ice plant

October 9, 2010

8 sweet potato vine cuttings
1 asparagus fern
2 Jacob's coats
2 geraniums

I also gave 1 asparagus fern to my mom and a geranium to a neighbor.  What's left outside will go when the weather decides it is time.  Wish me luck keeping all these going through the winter.  Dry indoor air and low light is a challenge.  Ken Druse Real Dirt recommends running a fan to keep air circlating through the plants so insects and disease don't take over.  I'm going to try that this year.

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  1. Oh I so wish you luck! I am not very good with over wintering plants inside.

  2. That is a big migration! Love the series of shots. You have a great spot for them all too.

  3. I just have a few remaining plants outdoors to come in this week. I also haven't taken any cuttings, which I intend to do this week too. I had hoped to do that yesterday and get the greenhouse ready--but we found a huge den of biting ants in the greenhouse--so had to put it off till another day!! Its nice to take everything outdoors, but it also looks great to have them all back in again! Loved it!

  4. They look nice inside, too. You have a good spot for them.

  5. Great info on bringing them in. I consider us fortunate we can have many of our houseplants outdoors for summer. Love your shelves.

  6. wow that space is fairly filling up in your family room. I like the way you are going to display your plants aswell in the room.

  7. That is something we all should do if we have small pots. It is work and takes time. I usually just drag mine into the garage. So far, they have made it through several winters.

  8. ~Darla

    It was fun watching the plant positions change as I moved them in.

    Ants in the greenhouse can't be good.
    I enjoy the transition of the plants too. All the seasons have their good qualities. I think a cozy home with plants is nice.


    Thanks. My FIL made the shelves for me.

    They do take some space but I'm glad to share.

    My garage has no windows and doesn't stay above freezing when we hit those single digits so in the house they must come.

  9. Every fall, I say I'm going to be organized like you, and bring a few plants in at a time, but then, end up caught by cold weather, and have to make multiple trips. We did get the most tender ones in a week or so ago. Maybe this will be the fall I am more organized.

    A friend of mine just got some cuttings from one of my sweet potato vines. I've never done that before. Maybe I'll try that, too.

  10. ~Sue
    I've had years where everything is yanked in at once because of a cold front. I didn't like it. This fall has been nice for a slow migration.
    I have mixed results with sweet potato vine cuttings. So far, so good this year but some years they all die.


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