Thursday, October 28, 2010

Missed Again

The sun rose Thursday morning and again, no frost.  Some plants are clear indicators that there was no frost.

The basil is still fine...

and this volunteer four o'clock by the trash area is still good.

However, the wind was brutal for the past three days.  The pepper plants don't look very happy.


  1. We hit 30 last night--some things look like it too. But most of my annual flowers tolerated it pretty well and are still looking good. There is obvious damage to parts of my tomato plants--but some never made it into cages and the bottoms are looking productive still. Maybe still time to harvest some stuff--No more forecasted freezing temps for the next 5 days. We even picked a watermelon a few days ago--YUM!

  2. Seeing your basil makes me wish I could scratch and sniff my computer! Basil has such a wonderful fragrance. I hope you'll have a great weekend.

  3. A frost is predicted here tonight -- if so, we shall see where my microclimates are!

  4. The wind has been bad all over the country I think. We have had high winds for two days. At least no killer frost. Lucky peppers.

  5. We are in the mid 50's this morning, such a nice change.

  6. ~Melanie
    You garden sounds like mine. Slowly letting go of the growing season this year. I'm really enjoying the slow transition.

    It does smell good!

    I hope you made it through the possible frost. I think being in town helps hold some heat.

    Many places had more wind than us but boy was I glad for calmer days!

    That's a nice morning temp.


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